Rorate Caeli

Francis is Inspiring Many Good Priests and Bishops

Je te montrerai le chemin du ciel

Today, the Holy See released Francis' "Letter to Priests", on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the death of Saint John Vianney, patron of Parish Priests.

And this week, we witnessed in person the testimony of many priests, and the occasional bishop, who have been deeply inspired by Francis. Yes, indeed! The great grief and confusion coming from Rome is inspiring many good priests, and even the occasional bishop, to discover and cherish the deepest roots of Catholic thought and devotion.

True, some or even most of them may feel awkward about the frequent odd pronouncements of the Pope and of his closest advisers, but they feel simultaneously assured that their work is being noticed by the central authorities of the Church, who complain about the young "doctors of the law" and "Pharisees" who question the wisdom of many Roman authorities. And, as good traditional priests, they question it in the traditional way: by silently going on with their missionary work of preaching the one and only Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, transmitted down through the ages via the Apostolic Tradition.

This is our acknowledgment of these good priests, and the occasional bishop, and their work for Our Lord and for His Church. Thank you! And keep being inspired to teach your flocks: "I will show you the path to Heaven!"