Rorate Caeli

Romanitas Press Releases The Mass: Up-Close in Pictures

The tireless promoter of liturgical knowledge, Louis Tofari, has released a handsome book, The Mass: Up Close in Pictures. Originally published in 1944 by the Alumni Sodality of Our Lady at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA (just ponder that for a moment), this book consists of carefully planned black and white photos of the most significant gestures in the unfolding of the Low Mass. It is a "sanctuary bird's-eye view" that almost no one could have unless he were seated in one of those old Baroque balconies seen in some European churches or chapels. 

The benefit of the still photos is to give one a moment to contemplate the beauty of the gesture in its various components and to think about its meaning. The classic, mellow, and non-distracting monochrome format fits this purpose well. 

Copies may be ordered from Romanitas Press.