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Colombia: Abortion legalized "for the mother's health"

The Death Organizations (the United Nations, the European Union, and others) and the Death Foundations (the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Ford Foundation, Human Rights Watch, and others) have won their first judicial battle in Latin America through their lawyers "by proxy".

Colombia, whose law forbids abortion for any reason, has now become the first Latin American country to legalize abortion "for the health of the mother", by a Court decision. Other "extreme situations" were also allowed by the Colombian version of Roe v. Wade (abortion of a rape-related pregnancy; abortion when the life of the mother is at risk; when the foetus has a "life-threatening malformation"), but the recognition of a Constitutional right for abortion "for the health of the mother" is the most important step.

As is well-known, abortion for the "health" of the mother is, in concrete terms, abortion on demand. The mother only needs a medical recognition of the "health risk" (including "mental health") to proceed with an abortion.

Abortion for "medical risk" is the legal framework for abortion on demand in many countries, including the United Kingdom (except for Northen Ireland) and Spain. And now it will become the gateway for abortion on demand in Latin America.

Colombia, a nation scarred by the violence of the Marxist guerrillas, will now become a no man's land for babies, victims of Marxist-influenced feminism.

Divino Niño Jesús:
Tengo mil dificultades: ayúdame.
De los enemigos del alma: sálvame.
En mis desaciertos: ilumíname.
En mis dudas y penas: confórtame.
En mis soledades: acompáñame.
En mis enfermedades: fortaléceme.
Cuando me desprecien: anímame.
En las tentaciones: defiéndeme.
En las horas difíciles: consuélame.
Con tu corazón paternal: ámame.
Con tu inmenso poder: protégeme.
Y en tus brazos al expirar: recíbeme.



*Standard English version: "Divine Child Jesus,/ In my difficulties: help me/ From the enemies of my soul: save me/ In my errors: enlighten me/ In my doubts and pains: comfort me/ In my solitudes: be with me/ In my diseases: invigorate me/ When others despise me: encourage me/ In temptations: defend me/ In difficult hours: strengthen me/ With your paternal heart: love me/ With your immense power: protect me/ And, into your arms, when I die: receive me. Amen." The Divine Child Jesus (Divino Niño Jesús) is one of the most famous devotions of Colombia.


M. Alexander said...

The loophole that the abortion promoters will drive a truck through. It's surreal that as South Dakota tries to outlaw ALL ABORTION, a Catholic country like Columbia goes the other way.

New Catholic said...

Well, it's what happens with American-inspired Activist Courts...

Orthodoxy said...

My wife told me about a woman who was going to abort her baby, using the health loophole, because of "back pain".

This was not "life-threatening" or anything of the sort - just normal "belly getting bigger" back pain. And she was considering killing her bay because of it! Thankfully, somebody recommended a good chiropractor to her, fix her right up, with weekly or bi-weekly visits, and she gave birth to a normal, healthy baby, and she was healthier as well (for having gone to the chiropractor).

People don't realize just how broad this "health of the mother" loophole really is.