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Irish cathedral to ban the use of secular songs in ceremonies

This may not be much, but it is a start. This cathedral was designed by the great A.W. Pugin himself. CAP.
St. Aidan's Cathedral, Enniscorthy

From ciNews: Secular songs to be banned at cathedral ceremonies. Songs that are not religious in nature will no longer be allowed at ceremonies in St. Aidan’s Cathedral in Enniscorthy.

The cathedral’s authorities, who are concerned at an increase in the use of such songs, in particular during wedding and funeral liturgies, have told parishioners that pop music and folk songs will no longer permitted. The authorities feel that although pop or folk songs involved may well be beautiful, they do not respect the sacred character of the liturgy.

Curate Fr. Richard Lawless said he and his colleagues were very mindful in particular that newly-bereaved people were going through a difficult time and would be ‘diplomatic and not dogmatic’ in dealing with requests for the use of various songs. He said the priest involved would explain why a church was, or was…

You report: the advance of the TLM in the Diocese of San Bernardino, California

Una Voce Report August 29, 2009 San Bernardino Diocese, CA, USA. The present officers of Una Voce San Bernardino (UVSB) came together to take on this apostolate for the promotion of the Latin Mass in January of 2009. One of the first things we did was to write our Bishop to introduce ourselves to him and what we were planning to do with this apostolate; after three (3) letters, we have received no response. Much discussion and action has taken place since then, from meetings and contact with numerous priests within the diocese as well as outside the diocese to discuss practical issues concerning the implementation of Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum (SP), to the development of a locally popular website (, as well as other resources made available through the website such as studies and booklets. Shortly before SP, there was only one parish offering the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) in the diocese, and that was at San Secondo D’Asti in Guasti, CA. It …


Regarding the recent report on the role of Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta in the doctrinal talks between the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) and the Holy See, DICI, the SSPX news agency, adds the following: "In fact, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta is the president of the commission charged of the preparation of the dossiers that will be studied during the theological talks with the representatives of the Holy See. This commission, [which is] internal to the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, established last April, is not a bilateral commission."

"Reform of the reform": Tornielli reaffirms his report

Italian religious journalist Andrea Tornielli defends himself today from those inside the Vatican who have tried in the past few days to discredit his explosive report on the ongoing bureaucratic steps of the reform of the new Mass of Paul VI. We first mentioned Tornielli's report last week.
In a comment posted in his blog today, Tornielli reaffirms the content of his article (translation by Father T. Finigan, of the great "The hermeneutic of continuity"); excerpts:
The "reform of the reform" and non-denial denials
My dear friends, I return to the subject matter of the post which, on 22 August last, I devoted to the questions discussed by the plenary session of the Congregation for Divine Worship regarding the recovery of a greater sense of sacrality in the liturgy. As you know, and as has already been noted, in the afternoon of Monday 24 August, the vice-director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Fr Ciro Benedittini (whom I greatly esteem) put out by means of…

"I worked under Cardinal Bernardin and he taught me how to collaborate..."

Bishop decries 'combative tactics' of a minority of U.S. bishops Albuquerque, NM. A majority of U.S. bishops disagree with the loud tactics of some of their peers in opposing President Barack Obama’s May appearance at the University of Notre Dame, but remain silent because they do not want to engage in a public battle over the issue, according to Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, NM.... (Read the rest in the link) Lord have mercy.

“Jag skall träda fram till Guds altare”

Sweden recieves a new Missal This morning’s mail brought a package from a good friend in Stockholm: The newly published Missale Parvum. Although not as extravagant as some of the new Missals seen in recent years, the appearance of this Latinsk-Svensk Missal is in many ways far more significant as it is the first Swedish language edition of the 1962 Missal to be published in more than forty years and is arguably the first to bear the imprimatur of a Swedish bishop in centuries. Publication of the new Missal was prompted by the growing number of traditional Catholics in the country who were highly instrumental in bringing it about.
The Cathedral of St Erik – Seat of the Diocese of Stockholm
The Church in Sweden has suffered greatly since the 16th century when King Gustav I broke with Rome and established the protestant Church of Sweden, rendering it more or less illegal to be Catholic. Over the years, practice was tolerated among foreigners and there were numerous “closet Catholics” who m…

You report: Promotional Posters for the Traditional Latin Mass

From Una Voce Quad Cities:

Our Una Voce chapter is launching ... an ad campaign, thumbnails attached. These ads are designed to expose as many as possible to the beauty of the TLM, to inform them about its status in the Church, and to invite them to attend the TLM nearest them. We plan on releasing versions of these ads in local papers, on internet sites, in 16x20 posters, etc. and also making versions (with modified information) available for a nominal fee to other groups promoting the TLM. More details here (

Light from the East: The Russian Catholic Parish in Lyons, France

Videos of a few highlights of some liturgical services celebrated earlier this year in the (Russian) Catholic parish of the Byzantine Rite in Lyons, St. Irenee, are now available on the "vincentraveau" channel on Youtube. The Cherubic Hymn and Great Entrance during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil for the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy:

The chanting of litanies during the same Divine Liturgy. St. Irenee is one of only two remaining parishes of the Russian Greek Catholic Church (Byzantine Rite) in France, and one of only about twenty Russian Greek Catholic parishes, chapels and monasteries throughout the world. In these small places of prayer -- magnificent remnants of the great project of reuniting Russian Orthodoxy to Rome, a project now almost forgotten -- the Russian liturgical tradition is celebrated according to the command of Pope St. Pius X, "nec plus nec minus nec aliter", a tremendous display of the richness and diversity (rightly un…

The "Reform of the Reform" is in motion

In today's edition of Italian daily Il Giornale, religious journalist Andrea Tornielli brings the news that several "propositiones" approved by the plenary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (reserved session held on March 12, 2009) regarding several reforms of the new Mass of Paul VI. Full translation below:

ROME The document was delivered to the hands of Benedict XVI in the morning of last April 4 by Spanish Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. It is the result of a reserved vote, which took place on March 12, in the course of a "plenary" session of the dicastery responsible for the liturgy, and it represents the first concrete step towards that "reform of the reform" often desired by Pope Ratzinger. The Cardinals and Bishops members of the Congregation voted almost unanimously in favor of a greater sacrality of the rite, of the recovery of the sense of eucharist…

Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta chairman of the SSPX commission

The Argentinian Catholic website Panorama Católico Internacional published this week the news that the current Rector of the Seminary of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) in Argentina, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta, has been named chairman of the SSPX side of the joint Vatican-SSPX commission in charge of the theological discussions.
Panorama adds that sources "close to the SSPX" inform that the Bishop will remain as rector in Argentina for the moment, but may change if his duties in Europe (that is, as part of the commission) deprive him from the time that is deemed necessary for the activities of the seminary.

You report: TLM's in the Cathedral of Tallahassee

From our friend Eric Giunta:

Tallahassee Latin Masses 20 08 2009
Important Announcement
Dear readers:
The liturgical reform of the reform is moving apace, slowly but steady, in the Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee. Yours truly has just been authorized to release this academic year’s schedule of Traditional Latin Masses. They will each be celebrated at 2:00 pm at Tallahassee’s Cathedral of St Thomas More.
Sunday, October 4, 2009 – Low Mass (with Hymns)
Sunday, January 10, 2010 – High Mass
Sunday, April 18, 2010 – High Mass
As you can see, the Masses are celebrated on a quarterly basis (there was one additional [Low Mass] celebrated on June 28). This is far from ideal, but the faithful are building up to a weekly High Mass.
But this ideal will not come to be unless there is consistent, significant attendance at these Masses (which there has been so far, thanks be to God), and if the faithful are not generous in their tithes when the collection plate comes around.
Rest assured: whatever i…

Gregorian Chant School in Galveston-Houston

At the request of a reader: St. Basil's School of Gregorian Chant Gregorian Chant School Fall Session: 2009
Eight Saturday morning two part lessons in learning chant history, theory, spirituality and notation:Singing the Church’s great propers, hymns and psalms
Starts: Saturday, September 12th, 2009 Dates: September 12th, 19th, 26th: October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st Times: Saturday Morning: 8:30 am - 12:00 noon
(See curriculum page for full description and schedule)
Chapel of St. Basil University of St. Thomas 3802 Yoakum Houston, Texas 77006

Asia's largest Catholic "worship space" opens its doors...

... and it is ugly and barren. More pictures later.

The "church" (which does have a sanctuary with an altar, and a large "baptismal healing pool" inside the structure) was set up by, and falls under the control of, El Shaddai, the largest and most powerful of the Catholic charismatic groups in this country and in all of Asia. Its unorthodox practices have led one archdiocese to ban it, but its numbers (as many as 7 million, according to some estimates) guarantees that its influence within the Philippine Church will remain practically unchallenged.
An article on the new church can be found here:

P1-B church of El Shaddai opens Thursday

Vatican Council II: An Open Discussion

Vatican Council II: An Open Discussion, by Monsignor Brunero Gherardini

by Brother André Marie August 18th, 2009

According to The Latin Mass magazine (subscribe here), Italy has just witnessed the publication of a soon-to-be blockbuster on Vatican II. Monsignor Brunero Gherardini, a renowned 85-year-old theologian of the Roman school, has descriptively entitled his work Vatican Council II: An Open Discussion. The volume is published by Casa Mariana Editrice, a publishing house connected to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, and it boasts a forward by Bishop Mario Oliveri (of the Albenga and Imperia diocese) and an introduction by Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, the former secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who is now the Archbishop of Colombo and Metropolitan of the Church in Sri Lanka.
The web site of the Society of Scholastics, on whose Board of Advisors the author sits, says that Monsignor Brunero Gherardini resides “at the Vatican as a Canon of St. Peter’s Basilica, …

A bombshell of an interview. Mons. Domenico Bartolucci on the liturgical reforms and the reform of the reform.

An interview with Mons. Domenico Bartolucci, Maestro Perpetuo of the Sistine Chapel under five Popes. The original Italian can be found here.

(The Remnant has published another translation of this interview, less literal and -- I'll admit -- more understandable. Please click here to read it. CAP)

From the remarkable Italian Catholic blog, Disputationes Theologicae:
August 12, 2009

Mons. Bartolucci speaks about the liturgical reform and the “reform of the reform”

The liturgical reform of the 1970-ies is today taking up much space in the theological discussions, because liturgy and theology are mixed up in a – may we venture to say so – “transcendental relation”. It is not possible to discuss the one without taking up the other, if one does not want to fall into that theology of watertight compartments that was in use in the 1950-ies. Today it is necessary – in the wake of a more vast debate in which we engage ourselves – to formulate an open and straightforward analysis of what has …

FABC to call for the use of Asian symbols, melodies and values at Mass

FABC Plenary's Closing Mass

From the Union of Catholic Asian News' report on the FABC's plenary's closing document:

Participants approved the scheme for the assembly document presented by Filipino Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle of Imus, chairman of FABC’s Office of Theological Concerns.
He will be writing the document summarizing the assembly discussions and pastoral recommendations addressing concerns and challenges related to living the Eucharist in the region.

Bishops had reported that in Asia there are “death-dealing” and “life-giving” forces at work that impact the way people live their faith and celebrate the Eucharist.

Among the life-giving forces is the renewed faith found in small Christian communities, increased Bible sharing and interest in interreligious dialogue.

Bishops in the plenary talked about forms of worship and adoration in their areas, and a “hunger” for the Eucharist in places such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia and Timor Leste.

In Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao…

More from Cardinal Arinze on inculturation and liturgical "updating"

Following up on an earlier posting, here are a some significant excerpts from Francis Cardinal Arinze's homily at the Closing Solemn Mass of the Ninth FABC Plenary Assembly in Manila, the Philippines, on 16 Aug. 2009. Cardinal Arinze's homily was titled, "Living the Eucharistic Mystery."

"That in this sacrament are the true Body of Christ and his true Blood is something that cannot be apprehended by the senses," says St. Thomas, "but only by faith which relies on divine authority" (S. Th. III, 75, 1: cf. Paul VI: Mysterium)

"Sight, touch and taste in you are each deceived;
The ear alone most safely is believed:
I believe all the Son of God has spoken,
Than Truth’s own word there is no true token."
(Adoro Te Devote)

This faith demands the surrender of our will, the sacrifice needed in order to believe or not to trust in the senses. Freed from doubt and pride, we are made free for the light of faith. We are ready to adore. . . .

Adoration manifest…

Of note from Frejus-Toulon

Bishop Dominique Rey of Frejus-Toulon will be ordaining two priests according to the traditional rite of ordination on September 26, 2009 in the cathedral of Toulon.

Of note is the fact that both of them will be ordained for the diocese. Deacon Marc de Saint-Sernin will be serving as a diocesan priest for Frejus-Toulon. The other ordinand, Deacon Eloi Gillet, will be serving with the Missionary Society of Divine Mercy, which runs the personal parish for the TLM in the same diocese (St. Francois de Paule). To my knowledge, Frejus-Toulon is the only diocese in the whole world that offers to its seminarians the choice of being ordained either according to the usus recentior or the usus antiquior. (14 priests and 11 deacons had been ordained for the diocese of Frejus-Toulon according to the liturgical books of Paul VI last June.) As mentioned previously in this blog, the diocesan seminary of Toulon is open to those who wish to become priests of the diocese while continuing to prefer the us…

Tu gloria Ierusalem!

Gaude, Maria Virgo,
cunctas hæreses sola interemisti in universo mundo!

...all the graces that the Author of all good deigns to bestow upon the poor descendants of Adam are, by favorable design of Divine Providence, dispensed through the hands of the Most Holy Virgin... Benedict XV Letter "The 27th of April, 1915" to the Secretary of State May 1917

With even greater reason after the Assumption and her entrance into glory, Mary is the distributor of all graces. As a beatified mother knows in heaven the spiritual needs of her children whom she left on earth, Mary knows the spiritual needs of all men. Since she is an excellent mother, she prays for them and, since she is all powerful over the heart of her Son, she obtains for them all the graces that they receive, all which those receive who do not persist in evil. She is, it has been said, like an aqueduct of graces and, in the mystical body, like the virginal neck uniting the head to its members. Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange The Three …

News from Anchorage

Two years after Summorum Pontificum, the Archdiocese of Anchorage finally got a one-Saturday-a-month TLM in St. Michael's Parish, Palmer, Alaska. This is in addition to the First Saturday Dominican Rite Mass offered in the Holy Family Cathedral of Anchorage. (No Sunday Masses yet since some of the clergy of the Archdiocese have apparently requested that the TLM "not compete" with the regular Novus Ordo Sunday Masses)
The Catholic Anchor interviewed Fr. Thomas Brundage JCL, who will be the regular celebrant of this Mass. The interview can be found here.

You report: New TLM in the Diocese of Dodge City

From a reader:

There is now a twice-weekly traditional Latin Mass in the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas. Retired Benedictine Father Rene Guesnier, OSB, has moved to his hometown parish, St. Francis Xavier parish of Seward, and offers the TLM (Low Mass) Sundays at 11 am, and Mondays at 8:30 am. He also offers Novus Ordo Masses at the same parish. The church is located at 8th and Lincoln in Seward, Stafford County, south of Great Bend and east of Larned. This diocese had previously been lacking even a single regular TLM.

Traditional Masses in Ireland on August 15

The Latin Mass Society of Ireland would like to announce the following Masses for the Feast of the Assumption:
Dublin Archdiocese: Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – 10.30 am, Solemn High Mass, St Kevin’s Church, Harrington St, Dublin 8. Celebrant: Very Rev Father Gerard Deighan, Adm.

Limerick Diocese: Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – Mass, St. Patrick’s Church, Dublin Road, Limerick. Celebrant: Rev Father Wulfran Lebocq, ICRSS

Dublin Archdiocese: Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – 11.30 am, Mass, St Joseph’s Chapel, Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow. Celebrant: Very Rev Father Seán Smith, C.C.

Derry Diocese: Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – 12 pm, Mass, St. Columba’s Church (Long Tower), Derry BT48 6TJ. Celebrant: Very Rev Father Roland Colhoun, Adm.

Meath Diocese: Saturday, 15 August, Feast of the Assumption – 2.30 pm, Mass, St Patrick’s Church, Slane, Co Meath followed by devotions at Ladyswell on the grounds of Slane Castle. Cel…

More inculturation and liturgical "updating", courtesy of the Asian bishops

The Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences is presently holding its 9th Plenary Meeting in Manila (August 11-16, 2009), with seven cardinals (including the representative of the Holy See, Francis Arinze) and around 80 bishops from 22 nations in attendance. The theme of the meeting is "Living the Eucharist in Asia."

In his homily in Manila cathedral during the opening Mass, Cardinal Arinze conveyed the Holy Father's wishes, stating that the Holy Father "rejoices at your choice of theme, and he prays that this Assembly be celebrated with great solemnity and that it brings abundant fruit for the peoples and cultures of the Asian continent. He requests the Bishops in particular to teach Christ’s faithful the importance of participation at the Eucharistic Celebration especially on Sundays and of receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Priests, being ministers of the Eucharist, are to be greatly esteemed and supported and vocations to the priesthood to be promoted…

The Peacemaker

The Colombian Catholic Church has confirmed today that it has maintained contact by telephone with the chief leader of the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a terrorist Communist organization), "Alfonso Cano", and another guerrilla leader, who are interested in presenting a peace proposal to the government.
Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos indicated that he has spoken with the rebels in virtue of the authorization, given by the Colombian President Álvaro Uribe to the Bishops, to mediate contacts between the Government and the FARC: "Yes, I have held telephone conversations with 'Alfonso Cano' [pseudonym for Guillermo León Sáenz] and with another whose name I do not recall at this moment," the Cardinal said briefly.
The prelate made the announcement after a meeting with President Uribe this Wednesday. Uribe indicated last April that the only groups which were authorized to maintain contacts with the FARC were the Catholic Church and the Interna…

TLM Announcements

1. New TLM in the Diocese of San Bernardino, California MISSA CANTATA Traditional Latin Mass August 26, 2009 7:00 PM St. James Catholic Church 269 W. 3rd Street, Perris, 92570 Mass Sung By: Fr. Carl Gismondi, FSSP Pastor, St. Ann’s Parish, San Diego Sung in full Gregorian Mode By: The Chant Choir of Blessed Rosmini (A choir of The Temecula Valley Chamber Singers) Contact person: Richard Friend, 951.813.6888 More Information @ This Mass inaugurates a new, weekly TLM in the said parish, which is located in the Diocese of San Bernardino, California. Please feel free to post your own announcements in the combox. 2. Mater Ecclesiae's Ninth Annual Mass of Thanksgiving On the Feast of the Assumption, Saturday, August 15, 2009, Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic Church of Berlin, NJ will celebrate the Ninth Annual Mass of Thanksgiving at a new location, viz., the historic St. Peter Roman Catholic Church, 43 W. Maple Ave., Merchantville, New Jersey. This Solemn High Traditional Lati…