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Summorum Pontificum: A real application of Sacrosanctum Concilium

On December 11, 2009, Rinascimento Sacro published a report on the talk on the sacred liturgy given by Antonio Cardinal Canizares Llovera on November 28 of the same year in Gubbio. The report, which transmits the substance of the Cardinal's discourse and of his replies to some questions rather than his exact words, has by and large escaped the notice of the English-speaking Catholic blogosphere. Although it contains little that is new, some turns of phrase and expressions of the Cardinal should be very interesting and helpful for the cause of all who love Sacred Tradition. Hence the translation below.

Not a few will point out that what we need is action, and not more words or discourses. I agree with that. We ceaselessly pray that the Holy Father will concretely and firmly set the whole Church upon the course of recovering the liturgical and theological tradition that by and large has been abandoned However, while we are waiting with hope, who are we to belittle any and all support…

Pray for Chile and Oceania

Please pray for the people of Chile and of the islands of the Pacific that have been or are about to feel the effects of this morning's devastating 8.8 earthquake near Concepcion, Chile. The terrible tremor has generated a tsunami that has already hit islands close to Chile and is moving west across the Pacific. Latest reports say at least 122 dead in Chile. Structural damage is widespread and people are without power or water. Santiago airport will be closed for the next 24 hours. In Concepcion, Intellencia Cathedral has completely collapsed, and the side of Santa Dominga Church has collapsed. A 130-foot tsunami wave hit Juan Fernandez Island near Chile, and Easter Island has been evacuated.

Novus Ordo: it's hip, it's modern,
it's 1969 forever!

John Alcorn Pepsi Ad (1969)

Rumors: Clarification document on Summorum "shortly"

The Vaticanist for Italian weekly Panorama, Ignazio Ingrao, reports that the "Instruction" for the clarification of several points of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, should be available very soon (it is in the "final stage" or "home stretch"). Source and tip: Rinascimento Sacro

In other rumors, Spanish blog Sector Católico mentions a papal "surprise" for Holy Week: would the indult for Communion in the hand be revoked; or will the Pope celebrate the Traditional Mass for the Missa in Coena Domini?

Post temporarily withdrawn

Dear readers: I've temporarily withdrawn the translation of the report on Cardinal Canizares-Llovera's Gubbio conference, due to some technical problems here in the blog. It will be reposted tomorrow. CAP.

A forgotten apology

Every priest who offers the holy Sacrifice should recall that during this Sacrifice it is not only he with his community that is praying but the whole Church, which is thus expressing in this sacrament her spiritual unity, among other ways by the use of the approved liturgical text. To call this position "mere insistence on uniformity" would only show ignorance of the objective requirements of authentic unity, and would be a symptom of harmful individualism.

This subordination of the minister, of the celebrant, to the mysterium which has been entrusted to him by the Church for the good of the whole People of God, should also find expression in the observance of the liturgical requirements concerning the celebration of the holy Sacrifice. These refer, for example, to dress, in particular to the vestments worn by the celebrant. Circumstances have of course existed and continue to exist in which the prescriptions do not oblige. We have been greatly moved when reading books writt…

"L'Enfer est partout où n'est pas Jésus-Christ."

The great book which was opened before me, and in which I learned my lessons, was the Church. May this great and majestic Mother be praised forever on my knees for all I have learned! I spent all my Sundays in Notre-Dame [de Paris] and went there as often as I could on weekdays. I was as ignorant of my religion as one can be of Buddhism, and, behold, the sacred drama was played before me with a magnificence that surpassed all my imagination.
Ah, this was no more the poor language of devotional books! This was the most profound and grandiose poetry, the most august gestures ever entrusted to human beings. I could not have enough of the spectacle of the Mass, and each movement of the priest was deeply inscribed in my spirit and in my heart. The reading of the Office of the Dead, that of Christmas, the spectacle of the days of Holy Week, the sublime chant of the Exsultet ... all that filled me with respect and joy, with acknowledgment, penance, and adoration! Paul Claudel
Ma Conversion

Abomination in Belgium

Father Germain Dufour, a Capuchin priest and former Member of the French-speaking Community Parliament for the Green Party (Écolo), "married [sic] a homosexual couple on February 13 [Saint Valentine's Eve], in the Church of Saint-Servais in Liège".
The spokesman of the Belgian Episcopal Conference, Eric de Beukelaere, has "deplored the event", calling it a "ceremony which leads to confusion".
No word on any punishment for Fr. Dufour, who is a priest in the Diocese of Tournai.
Source: La Libre

Abbé Georges de Nantes, R.I.P.

In the early morning of February 15, the abbé Georges de Nantes fell asleep in the Lord, fortified by the rites of the Church.
He was one of the earliest, fiercest public critics of the Second Vatican Council, which he held to be a legitimate ecumenical council of the true Church, endowed with the authority to teach dogmatically and infallibly. The Council, he held, and with reason, finally declined to teach with that level of authority. Therefore its teachings were not definitively binding, and dissent from those teachings did not exclude a member of the Faithful from communion with the Church. (A separate question from that of whether such dissent be wrong)
The Abbé de Nantes, faced with the malaise of the Church, with the "diabolical disorientation" afflicting her, appealed from the Pope to the Pope. He challenged the Successor of Peter to make an infallible judgment in these matters.
He was vehemently opposed to the schismatic "solution" to the current situation, …

Events: Traditional Mass in Fordham,
brought to you by the Society of Jesus

Traditional Catholics in the Tri-State area should show their support for this event promoted by some members of the Society of Jesus.

The celebrant will be Fr. Stephen M. Fields, S.J., of Georgetown University, the deacon and subdeacon will be Jesuits, and most of the servers will be Jesuit scholastics.

PCED responds:
Use of Traditional Liturgical Books of Religious Orders
"pertains to the superior of those orders"

Recently, a letter was written to PCED asking if it was possible utilize the liturgical variations that were particular to a certain religious order as it was used before it adopted the liturgical reforms of Vatican II. In the same letter, the question was asked if it would be possible to use the ritual in use up to 1962 for the secular (third) order which is part of that same religious order.PCED response:
Source: The Barque of Peter

Schmidberger interview

Interesting interview with Fr. Franz Schmidberger, former Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) and current District Superior for Germany, including some stern words about comments made by Bishop Richard Williamson: Kathnews (in German).
_______________________________ Father Franz Schmidberger: “The Church has entered calmer waters.”Kathnews Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Greschner in an exclusive interview with Fr. Franz Schmidberger FSSPX.Stuttgart (kathnews exclusive). The theological discussions between representatives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) are under way. More than 20 years after the illicit episcopal consecrations by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre there is some movement in the difficult relationship between the Holy See and the fraternity. Kathnews Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Greschner spoke with Father Franz Schmidberger, Superior of the German District of the Fraternity. The m…

Italian Lutherans

On Sunday, March 14, the Pope will be present at the evening worship service of the Lutheran church in Rome, during which he and the Lutheran pastor will preach.
Ecumenism presents some difficulty in Rome, due to the small number of Christians of other Churches and ecclesial communities with whom to hold joint services and organize conferences. But Roman priests and diocesan officials do manage to organize events with other Christians; one example is the ecumenical Stations of the Cross between the Lutheran parish and a Catholic parish.
The websites and bulletins of the tiny Italian Lutheran Church and its Rome parish are informative. As has been pointed out in the media, most of the Lutheran parishioners in Rome are Germans, but some are married to Italians, and Italian names can be found in the largely German-language parish bulletin read by this blogger. For example, some of the young people “confirmed” in 2009 have Italian names. One wonders how many children of mixed marriages, val…