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A Map of Episcopal Ineptitude

This is not a map of the dioceses of Québec. This is a map of the foremost sign of the post-Conciliar age: the complete ineptitude of bishops.

Last Sunday, the most influential newspaper in the French-speaking province, once the most Traditional area of North America, La Presse, published a letter signed by 19 priests, titled "Enough is enough", denouncing the Church's teaching on the disordered condition of homosexuality. These are the names of the priests:

Archdiocese of Montréal:

1. Fr. André Anctil
2. Fr. José V. Arruda
3. Fr. Jean-Pierre Langlois
4. Fr. Claude Lefebvre
5. Fr. Claude Lussier.

Diocese of Joliette:

6. Fr. Raymond Gravel (leader of the group)
7. Fr. Eric Généreux
8. Fr. Bernard Houle
9. Fr. Pierre-Gervais Majeau
10. Fr. Guylain Prince
11.Fr. Claude Ritchie

Diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil:

12. Fr. Jean-Yves Cedilot
13. Fr. Jocelyn Jobin
14. Fr. Alain Léonard
15. Fr. Lucien Lemieux (professor at the University of Montréal and also a Regional Vicar for the Diocese; one of t…

Remembering 1988

Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus has a welcome and balanced reminder of the issues involved in the dramatic events of 1988 which led to the consecration, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, of the four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX), including the similarities and differences regarding the current developments.

The history of the Rome-SSPX negotiations of late 1987-early 1988 which, in the end, led to the consecrations, is quite complex and it involves many passionate views from all sides. It is important, though, to remember that even after the traumatic Assisi events of 1986, Archbishop Lefebvre never gave up talking to Rome, reaching the point of actually signing with then-Cardinal Ratzinger the famous protocol of May 5, 1988.

Strange things happened on both sides immediately thereafter -- including tremendous pressure on Pope John Paul himself, which prevented Cardinal Ratzinger from presenting the details (implied in the Proto…

"Gay Church" holds service in Catholic chapel during WCC Meeting

"In the 9th assembly of the World Council of Churches, a gay Church celebrates service in the Chapel of PUCRS [Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul]."Feb. 21, 2006 - News from the newspaper Zero Hora (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

by Itamar Melo

A church [sic] whose bishops [sic] , ministers, and faithful are homosexual celebrated a service yesterday [February 20, 2006] in Porto Alegre [Brazil] during the 9th assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Founded in 1968 in the United States and with a parish [sic] in Rio since 2004, the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) plans to open a church in the Capital [Porto Alegre].

The service happened in the morning in the chapel of the PUCRS [the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, a Catholic university of Pontifical right and status, owned by the Marists], where the religious forum takes place. Three foreign female bishops [sic] as well as Gelson Piber, the minister responsible for the Brazilian parish [s…

A RORATE CÆLI Editorial: Holy See - SSPX.

Ecce ascendimus Ierosolymam, et consummabuntur omnia quæ scripta sunt per prophetas de Filio hominis: tradetur enim gentibus, et illudetur, et flagellabitur, et conspuetur: et postquam flagellaverint, occident eum, et tertia die resurget. (Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all things shall by accomplished which were written by the Prophets concerning the Son of Man. For He shall be delivered to the Gentiles, and shall be mocked and scourged and spit upon: and after they have scourged Him, they will put Him to death, and the third day He shall rise again.- from the Gospel for the Sunday of Quinquagesima.)

ONCE AGAIN, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX) is at the center of Catholic concerns. Its priests and faithful form a tiny portion of nominal Catholics, but they are a thorn in the flesh of those who praise the so-called fruits of the Council.

This is the time for negotiations

Some within the Society believe that there should never be talks with Rome, not until "R…

No news? Good news.

Dear readers who visit our blog in search of news of the talks between the Holy See and the FSSPX, what we can tell you is that there is nothing to report, at least nothing minimally credible -- unless one wishes to give credence to the leading French Sedevacantist news website, which alleges bishop Williamson has recently met the French Sedevacantist priest responsible for the articles in the site and has confirmed the so-called division inside the Society. If this news is true, the division inside the Society truly exists and is abysmal, but we are not completely convinced of the veracity of the piece.

This lack of news is good news as things currently stand. As we warned in this piece (please read it all, if you have not done it already): "In any case, do not get anxious with any apparent lack of news: it means the machinery is working properly".

It is providential that this is all happening during Septuagesima and Lent. We can offer up our prayers and penance to the Most H…

The Reformation: Moneygrubbing and Mayhem - 470 years

In late February and early March, 1536, the houses of the English Parliament passed the measure which would become the Act for the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries, 1536. The visitation ordered by king Henry VIII in 1535 (the year of the martyrdom of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher) had defined with great precision, with the evil efficiency which characterized Thomas Cromwell, the property and all belongings of all religious houses in the realm.

March 1, 1536 was the date in which all belongings of the "lesser monasteries", that is, "every such monastery, priory, or other religious house, not having ... above the ... yearly value [yearly income] of two hundred pounds" automatically became personal royal property. His Majesty received "all and singular the manors, lands, tenements, rents, services, reversions, tithes, pensions, portions, churches, chapels, advowsons, patronages, rights, entries, conditions, and all other interests and hereditaments to th…

History : King Louis XVI, a Catholic going to death

First, since it is my first intervention, I would like to introduce myself. I am Father Laurent Demets, a priest of the Fraternity of Saint Peter. I am from France and now I serve at Saint Francis de Sales parish, Mableton GA. I am glad to participate in this blog, as much as I can and I already ask for your forgiveness for my English, certainly imperfect.

My first text here is from my personal Blog :

I asked a question on this blog about priests and priesthood. You are very welcome to visit it and to give your answer.
Thank you and God bless you.

In the name of the Very holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
To-day, the 25th day of December, 1792, I, Louis XVI King of France, being for more than four months imprisoned with my family in the tower of the Temple at Paris, by those who were my subjects, and deprived of all communication whatsoever, even with my family, since the eleventh instant; moreover, involved in a trial…

Argentina and a problematic episcopate - sources, sources, sources...

A bishop has to resign in an emergency situation after being caught on video in intimate relations with another man. Another is detained by the police after being accused by a woman, who did not know he was a bishop, of groping her in a bus. Bishops defend the government. Bishops criticize the government. America? No, this is the deeply divided episcopate in Argentina.
Regardless of that, even if one considers the Argentinian episcopate as "solidly united", what does this have to do with the fact that there was great uneasiness in vast areas of the Argentinian episcopate with the appointment of two bishops in late 2005 who had not been included in the lists sent by the nuncio in Buenos Aires to Rome?

This uneasiness, which was reported in English here (parts 1 and 2), had been widely reported in the Argentinian press, and was repeatedly mentioned as recently as yesterday (when the indication of Eduardo Martín as bishop of Río Cuarto was mentioned as a sign of the Vatican to …

Notable absences in the new consistory

My greatest surprise in this morning's announcement, by His Holiness, of the new consistory long predicted for March 24 (see list here in the Bulletin) was the absence of the Archbishop of Paris, André Vingt-Trois (the emeritus, Cardinal Lustiger, will turn 80 next September). The French choice fell on the Archbishop of Bordeaux and president of the French Episcopal Conference, Jean-Pierre Ricard. The Pope decided, as it had been rumored in the Italian Press, for a small consistory -- and it is probable that there will be yearly small consistories during his pontificate.

By region of the world, these are the choices of voting cardinals:

Europe: Franc Rodé (C. Religious), Agostino Vallini (Apostolic Signatura), Jean-Pierre Ricard (Bordeaux), Antonio Cañizares Llovera (Toledo), Stanislaw Dziwisz (Krakow), Carlo Caffarra (Bologna).

North America: William Levada (C. Doctrine of the Faith), Sean O'Malley (Boston)

Latin America: Jorge Urosa Savino (Caracas)

Asia: Gaudencio Rosales (Manil…

Rumors, CHECKED!

This is kind of confusing... We hope to comment more later this week on the conference of the Superior-General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X, Bp. Bernard Fellay, in Denver last Sunday, but it is very hard to depend on reports of what may have been said. If there is an audio file available somewhere, please link to it in the comments below.

There are a few important points in the report so far available here, upon which we intend to comment later. But there are a couple of curiosities which must be highlighted:

Thus, the 15th of September was the last time that there was communication between H.L. [Fellay] and Cardinal [Castrillón] Hoyos, or anyone officially associated with Rome for that matter.It was a 2-day meeting, lasting 5 hours in toto.
[The conference reporter inserts this comment:] This crushed numerous rumors of “secret phone calls” and “meetings” that have allegedly been happening between September 2005 and now, February 2006.

H.L. [Fellay] did mention that before …

The Marginalization of Confession

It’s a fact. Do you doubt it? Consider these simple observations, which I derive from over four decades’ residence as a Catholic in the diocese of Buffalo, NY:
Most parish priests schedule confession times about a half hour before the Saturday Mass.
It is rare that more than one priest is available for confession in the same parish at the same time (admittedly, this is largely because most parishes don’t have more than one priest on staff anymore).
. It is also rare that confession times are scheduled during the week. . Even with these abbreviated hours, priests spend much of their time sitting in their comfy reconciliation rooms, staring at the wall. Parishioners arriving early apparently prefer to sit in the pews, chatting up one another in fellowshippy ways.
. How many parishioners attend confession weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Do you need both hands to do a finger count? . If a bar chart of total number of parishioners vs. total number of parishioners attending Confession the previous S…

Ralph's Idle Mind

Let’s say, just for a moment, that you are the Chief Executive Officer of the Worldwide Sin Corporation. You are desperate to expand your market outreach. Although the market for sin and depravity has been growing by leaps and bounds, your success only makes you more ravenous. There must be a way! So, you call a top level conference beside the executive sulphur pit. All of your best and brightest minds are there, blue-skying like mad. Suddenly, Smithers, an especially devious junior executive whom you’ve had your eye on, snaps his elongated fingers, and shouts, “I’ve got it! Let’s marginalize confession!!”, and the following dialogue ensues:
CEO: Hmmm . . . interesting. How would you do that?
Smithers: Well, you might start by renaming it. . CEO: Yee-essss. The very act of renaming suggests a break with the past, perhaps a relativization . . . . What name? . Smithers: Well, of course they chose "reconciliation" Not bad! Confession implies that one party has been at fault, and …

Martyrs of the "Cartoon Crisis"

Father Michael Gajere, of the Diocese of Maiduguri, was among the victims of the terrible Muslim persecutions unleashed in Nigeria as a result of the artificial "crisis" of the cartoons.


Saint James, pray for us.
(¡Santiago y cierra España!)

Hell on earth

What have the barbarians done to the Catholic Church?

The seed is the word of God. And they by the wayside are they that hear: then the devil cometh and taketh the word out of their heart, lest believing they should be saved. (Semen est verbum Dei. Qui autem secus viam, hi sunt qui audiunt: deinde venit diabolus, et tollit verbum de corde eorum, ne credentes salvi fiant.) [From the Gospel of the Sunday of Sexagesima]

The wicked Thomas Cranmer was more respectful of the Tradition of the Church than these perverted men and their shepherds, of hearts on which the Devil comes to eat the seeds thrown on barren land.

Interesting note: William Cobbett's famous History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland is now fully available (and searchable) at Google Books, in one of its first editions (a current version is published by TAN).

Offered Without Laugh Track

While on the road this morning, I tuned in to the Catholic radio station, and heard this tender gem of ecumenism on "The Doctor Is In", a call-in show.

It seems that a lady who volunteers with the Pre-Cana conferences in her parish is disturbed by the approach of two of her co-volunteers. The latter are a married couple, one Catholic and one Lutheran. In their conferences, they give witness to the joys of inter-religious marriage. They go to each other's churches on alternate Sundays. They teach their children both faiths, so that the darling little tykes make "informed decisions" when they are good and ready.

And, just to be clear, this is what they say to young, predominantly Catholic couples, about to be married in the Catholic Church, and soon to be raising children in the Catholic faith.

And the pastor? Well, he's either oblivious, or down wid it, bro.

Scandal in the Pews!

Most sweet Jesus, Redeemer of the human race, look down upon us humbly prostrate before Thine Altar. We are Thine, and Thine we wish to be; but to be more surely united to Thee, behold, each one of us this day freely dedicates himself to Thy Most Sacred Heart. Many, indeed, have never known Thee; many, too, despising Thy precepts, have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all, most merciful Jesus, and draw them to Thy Sacred Heart. Be Thou King, O Lord, not only of the faithful who have never forsaken Thee, but also of the prodigal sons who have abandoned Thee; grant that they may quickly return to their Father's house, lest they perish of wretchedness and hunger. Be Thou King of those whom heresy holds in error or discord keeps aloof; call them back to the harbor of truth and the unity of faith, so that soon there may be but one fold and one Shepherd. Be Thou King of all those who even now sit in the shadow of idolatry or Islam, and refuse not Thou to bring them into the light of Th…

Rome, FSSPX, and the Traditional Roman Rite - What to expect in the near future

So, what should we expect in the next few weeks regarding the ongoing talks between the Holy See and the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X?

First: do not expect big news.

There may be all sorts of rumors from Rome and elsewhere up to the meeting of late March. We will publish those which are trustworthy or credible, but as they are rumors they should not be used to raise expectations. In any case, both from the Holy See and from the FSSPX there will not be official news regarding anything, perhaps well into Eastertide.

Rumors are quite necessary to understand the steps of the process (by "process" we mean the discussions and decisions which eventually lead to some kind of stable position for the Traditional rites of the Roman Mass and Sacraments and for the priests and faithful attached to them in the Church at large, which may -- or may not -- include some kind of "reconciliation" of the FSSPX). For instance, in strictly "official" terms, there has been n…

Some things will never change

At least 15 die in Nigeria cartoon protest
Associated Press - February 19, 2006

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Nigerian Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad attacked Christians and burned churches on Saturday, killing at least 15 people in the deadliest confrontation yet in the whirlwind of Muslim anger over the drawings.

11 killed in Libya cartoon riot
Associated Press - February 18, 2006

In deadliest demonstration yet against Prophet Muhammad caricatures, Libyans riot at Italian consulate Friday, setting building on fire; 29 people killed altogether in cartoon riots throughout Muslim world.

40pc of UK Muslims want sharia law brought in
The Sunday Telegraph - February 19, 2006

Four out of 10 British Muslims want sharia law introduced into parts of the country, a new survey has revealed. A fifth also have sympathy with the "feelings and motives" of suicide bombers.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1910

In matters political Islam is a system of despotism at home and aggression abroa…

"The end of the schism" - Turning Point in Rome-FSSPX talks

The Italian daily L'Indipendente publishes today a powerful article (PDF file), written by Tommaso Debenedetti, with extremely important information on the Papal meeting of February 13, the considerably deep rapport between the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X and the Pope himself, and the prospects of what may happen at the second Papal-Curial meeting of March 23.

These are the most important parts of the article:

1. The heads of the dicasteries [capi dicastero], in fact, were called to evaluate, together with the pope, the fastest and the most legally valid ways to arrive at what Benedict XVI wishes with all his strength: that is, the end of every disagreement with the Fraternity of Saint Pius X (the official name of that organization which assembles the followers of Lefebvre, that is, the four bishops, almost 500 priests and hundreds of thousands of faithful in the five continents). Actually, Ratzinger did not need consultants: he had been put in charge by John Paul II to look…

The Passion of Spain - 70 years later

Near the Spanish border with France there is a small Aragonese town called Bielsa. During the terrible days of the 1936-1939 war, the parish church was ransacked and destroyed, as so many thousands of churches throughout Spain, and the Crucifix (pictured above) was burned.

So many thousands of Catholics were killed during those terrible days of unimaginable bloodshed, for the simple profession of their faith. At least 10,000 martyrs: 13 bishops, 4,184 diocesan priests and seminarians, 2,365 men religious, 285 nuns, and so many thousands of lay faithful!

Yet, it is hard to define exactly the day when it all began. Was it with the fall of the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and, with it, the monarchy and the establishment of the Second Republic in 1931? Was it with the anticlerical Constitution of December 9, 1931? Was it with the Anarchist-Communist revolts in Asturias in 1934 (which gave the Spanish land its first bright group of martyrs of the 20th century, canonized in 1999)?

In Januar…

The Love Bout

I recently posted this comment on the Pertinacious Papist. Most of the folks there were having an argument about beer and did not appreciate the interruption (at this point I should import one of those smiley things, but I can't bring myself to do it). So, I thought I'd run it up our flag: .
Neo-con fainthearts! Be the first on your block to discover: .
No puns! No personalized love goop mixing with theological cotton-candy spinning! No Catholic Narnimaniacal fantasizing passing as theology! No youthful burbling! No youthful adulation of youthful burbling! No theologipalooza book-signing tours! .
No stones -- just bread! .
Yes, it's Romano Amerio, safely dead and buried, but whose magnum opus still packs more punch [Look, mom! It even has an INDEX!!] than do the collected works of all of the male cheerleaders who have followed him. .
Read Iota Unum TODAY!! Benedict has.

Bermudez, Arinze and the Novus Ordo

(A picture is worth...)

Yesterday I posted a comment about something that Alejandro Bermudez had said. Mr. Bermudez had this to say about my nosy comment: "Wait a minute Al: Are you saying we should ALL go back to the old Missal? Look, I am supportive of having a freer chance to celebrate it, but at the same time I know many places in which decent priests celebrate the real Sacrifice. I personally attend many of those Masses with great spiritual fruit. And thereare much more than what you can count. It seems you have been only attending Gumbleton’s masses… Drive around pal!" Of course I just could not let go, and so I went on to say this : Mr. Bermudez,
No, I don’t think the Traditional Roman Mass should be forced upon anyone, that would be just as uncharitable and agressive as what Paul VI did to the poor old ladies who had to get used to the “polka masses”.
As for driving around, I have. I had to leave my country, my job and everything else to be close to a decent Mass. I’m seri…

The rebirth of Tradition

What is more moving in this picture? The huge building still under construction in a humble and remote area of South America? The considerable multitude of Traditional Catholics?

Hic domus Dei est, et porta caeli, et vocabitur aula Dei.

This multitude which fills the Personal Parish Church of the Good Crucified Lord, in the small city of Bom Jesus do Itabapoana, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, witnesses one of those incomprehensible moments in History: an unworthy man becomes a priest of God, forever, secundum ordinem Melchisedech. See more pictures of the ordination and of the first Mass of the newest priest of the Apostolic Administration Saint John Mary Vianney (in Campos, Brazil), Fr. Raphael Gomes Paes Leme Lobo here.

Motives behind a promotion

So why was Michael Fitzgerald promoted from the chairmanship of a Roman dicastery to the nunciature in Cairo? Was it simply the beginning of the streamlining of the Curia (see here)? Korazym offers this set of opinions:

"'The Pope' -- says the Vaticanist [of Italian news agency AGI] -- has not shown himself as able to compromise on aspects regarding the personal life of the members of the Curia.' The same concept is also published by ANSA [another Italian news agency], according to which 'among [Vatican] watchers it is asked if other considerations may not have weighed down on Ratzinger's decision, regarding, particularly, personal lifestyles.' It is impossible to understand to what those allusions refer: the agencies do not say it and turn a gossip into news presumed [as widely known]." Both Korazym and Andrea Tornielli in today's edition of Il Giornale remind their readers that Fitzgerald was the highest authority in that scandalous interreligious…