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Offered Without Laugh Track

While on the road this morning, I tuned in to the Catholic radio station, and heard this tender gem of ecumenism on "The Doctor Is In", a call-in show.

It seems that a lady who volunteers with the Pre-Cana conferences in her parish is disturbed by the approach of two of her co-volunteers. The latter are a married couple, one Catholic and one Lutheran. In their conferences, they give witness to the joys of inter-religious marriage. They go to each other's churches on alternate Sundays. They teach their children both faiths, so that the darling little tykes make "informed decisions" when they are good and ready.

And, just to be clear, this is what they say to young, predominantly Catholic couples, about to be married in the Catholic Church, and soon to be raising children in the Catholic faith.

And the pastor? Well, he's either oblivious, or down wid it, bro.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

I should add that the show's host, Coleen Kelly-Mast, disposed of this idiocy with her usual good sense.

Tradosaurus said...

Is it any wonder?

Monkey see monkey do... this interfaith couple are only mimicking their leaders actions and words, ala Assisi interfaith prayer meetings (1986,2002) and Ratzingers praying in the jewish synagogue.

Athanasius said...

Check out my post on mixed marriages here:

mixed marriages

Ginny said...

Modernism and Liberalism have "reared their ugly head", again!!

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

I'm not out to condemn mixed marriages, though I would agreee that people should approach them more cautiously than they typically do. Such carelessness is, at bottom, the outcome of wretched catechesis, airy ecumenism, and abject deference to the overgrown child, "modern man".