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Napa Institute Pontifical Mass by Bishop Cordileone on July 29 - Full Video

"This grace I will most easily obtain"

As the sky is adorned with stars, so the Province of the March of Ancona was in former times adorned with holy and exemplary friars, who, like the bright luminaries in heaven, ornamented the Order of Saint Francis, and enlightened the world by their doctrine and example.
Foremost amongst these was Brother Lucius Antico, in whom indeed shone forth the fire of divine charity and the light of holiness; for, taught by the Spirit of God, his preaching produced innumerable fruits. Another brother, Bentivoglio of San Severino, was seen by Brother Maximus raised above the earth as he was praying in the forest, at the sight of which miracle Brother Maximus became a Friar Minor, and grew so holy that he worked many miracles, both during his lifetime and after his death: he is buried at Murro. ...
Another Brother, Peter of Monticello, who was the guardian of the old Convent of Ancona, was raised several feet above the earth, to the foot of the Crucifix before which he was in prayer. This same Br…

Should the SSPX be excommunicated? An Apostolic Nuncio's thoughts

As the possibility of an imminent regularization of the canonical status of the Society of St. Pius X seems increasingly remote, calls for their mass excommunicationor for the formal acknowledgment of their alleged "schismatic" status once and for all, are again beginning to be heard. As if preparing for a tide of such comments, Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson, Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, published the following article on his blog a week ago:
The Clear and Distinct as Gift With a genuinely upright enthusiasm, I wish to thank RORATE CAELI for posting the YouTube video interview in German with Fr. Schmidberger. This priest has always distinguished himself for his clear and distinct ideas, for the noble and profound way he makes his analysis. This video is no exception.  
As much as it pains me to hear him step back from the path of full communion with the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, where only it is to be found, Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia, I can deal with and …

Vatican II: A discussion that can no longer be stopped

Whatever might be said about the current situation of the talks between the Vatican and the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and whatever one's doctrinal position might be, one thing is clear: the frank discussion of the ambiguities of Vatican II and of post-Conciliar Vatican documents vis-a-vis the pre-Conciliar Magisterium has begun, and can no longer be stopped. While it would be easy to exaggerate the quality, extent and openness of the discussion so far, it cannot be denied that signs of it have been appearing in unlikely places, such as the following article that was published last week by the Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

The New Evangelization: Quo Vadis? Sept. 20, 2012 by Paul Kokoski. 
More and more, Catholics are shying away from using terms like “proselytizing,” “conversion,” and even “Catholic” in their ecumenical and inter-religious efforts, almost as if they were ashamed of the Gospel, or afraid of appearing as a “sign of contradiction.”

Vatican II’s Dignitatis Humanae

Rome-SSPX - Important - With the Pope's own signature: Vatican II and the post-conciliar Magisterium must be accepted in full

A transcript of a conference given by the French bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), Bp. Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, in the priory of Saint L.M.G. de Montfort (Maine-et-Loire, France), on September 16, 2012, was made public by French forum Un évêque s'est levé. The main excerpts, according to the available transcript, dealing with the Rome-SSPX negotiations are the following:
"[T]he agreement considered in 2011-2012 lasted for six months, it has not been blessed by the Blessed Virgin. (We had prayed rosary after rosary, and we keep doing that, that is very good.) But the Blessed Virgin was clearly not behind this idea. She did not walk this path, because on June 30 (it's a secret that I reveal to you, but it will be made public), on June 30, 2012, the Pope wrote with his own hand a letter to our Superior General, Bp. [Bernard] Fellay, signed personally: 'I confirm to you in fact [that], in order [for you] to be truly reintegrated into the Church  […

Consecration to Our Lady - FSSP North American District

Annual renewal of the Consecration of the North American District of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) to Our Lady on the Feast of the of the Most Holy Rosary (source).
Every year, throughout the North American District, the priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter and the faithful who freely associate themselves with the Fraternity, renew the consecration of the North American District to the Blessed Mother of God. This re-consecration is done on the first Sunday of October, the Sunday recognized by the Church as being closely associated with the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We encourage all who have not yet done so, to join in the renewal of the consecration during this month of the Rosary. The consecration in this manner is significant first and foremost because the Fraternity has chosen as one of its principle patrons, Our Lady under her august title of Mother of God. Secondly, the Feast is significant because Our Lady through the Rosary preserved so many tenacious …

The Pope on the Sacred Liturgy and Sacrosanctum Concilium: altare Dei est cor nostrum

In recent months we have made a journey in the light of the Word of God, to learn to pray in a more authentic way by looking at some great figures in the Old Testament, the Psalms, the Letters of St. Paul and the Book of Revelation, but also looking at unique and fundamental experience of Jesus in his relationship with the Heavenly Father. In fact, only in Christ is man enabled to unite himself to God with the depth and intimacy of a child before a father who loves him, only in Him can we turn in all truth to God and lovingly call Him "Abba! Father." Like the Apostles, we too have repeated and we still repeat to Jesus, "Lord, teach us to pray" (Lk 11:1).

You report: In the footsteps of Saint Bridget, new Traditional Pilgrimage in Sweden

We deeply thank reader M. Holmström for the detailed report of the Swedish pilgrimage, and for sending us the beautiful pictures by D. Nygård.
Our best wishes for the revival of the Latin liturgical tradition in the land of Saint Bridget.
On September 7-8, 2012, the Society of Cardinal Dante (Kardinal Dante-sällskapet) organized its first pilgrimage from Skänninge to Vadstena in the footsteps of Saint Bridget of Sweden for the sake of reviving Catholic Tradition in Sweden.

Before Protestantism, Skänninge and especially Vadstena were two of Sweden's most important Catholic villages. Although this was the first pilgrimage of the Society, almost 60 people participated. The pilgrims were mainly young people and young families. There was also a group flying in from Croatia only to participate in this historical event.

The pilgrimage started out in Skänninge, where the participants had assembled from many parts of the country, with a Missa Cantata cele…

Prayers for the success of the November Pilgrimage to Rome

From Una Cum Papa Nostro, the blog of the organizers of the international pilgrimage of Catholic traditionalists to Rome from November 1 to November 3 of this year, culminating in a Pontifical Mass according to the 1962 Missal in St. Peter's Basilica. (There is no real news yet on who will be the celebrant of this Mass, and it is better not to speculate.)

On October 7, a Rosary for the Pilgrimage
Sunday October 7, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, every single Summorum Pontificum Coetus is invited to pray for the success of the CISP Pilgrimage in November. 
We ask any group of faithful and religious that benefits from the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to pray their Rosary in that beautiful day for the spiritual goals of the Pilgrimage, as expressed by our Chaplain: 
-  thanksgiving and support for the Holy Father;
-  demonstration of loyalty to Peter;
-  profession of faith and participation in the New Evangelization promoted by His Holiness…

You report: American Anglican Ordinariate, anti-Tradition zone

We have received the following report from a reader:

You have previously posted on your blog reports about Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson's animosity towards the Traditional Mass and another contributor, Augustinus, followed up with mention of the Mass being celebrated Friday mornings at Mount Calvary in Baltimore, a church of the Anglican Ordinariate.
You should know that after Mass there last Friday, September 21st, it was announced that, while the celebration of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form is "allowed" [sic] to Ordinariate priests, it cannot be celebrated at Ordinariate premises, "since that form of the Mass is not integral to the Anglican patrimony."

This is less than three months after the termination of another weekday Traditional Mass at an archdiocesan parish due to a priest's reassignment.  That church, St. William of York, with its communion rail and removable low altar, and Mount Calvary were two of the few churches in Baltimore that are well-suite…

"Latin Renaissance"? A new video by the USCCB's Catholic News Service

You report: First Traditional Wedding in Denmark in decades

A Danish reader sends us the following report:

The first wedding in Denmark according to the Traditional Roman Rite since the late 1960s-early 1970s liturgical upheaval took place on Saturday, September 15 at the historic Jesu Hjerte Kirke (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) in Copenhagen. Both bride and groom are regular attendees at the Traditional Sunday Mass held twice a month in the same church.
The Nuptial Mass was sung with Gregorian settings supplemented by the motets Sicut lilium inter spinas by Palestrina and Ubi Caritas by Duruflé. 
A great many non-Catholics and non-believers were present, and everyone, also those familiar with Catholic liturgy in the Ordinary Form, remarked that the ceremony was extraordinarily beautiful, mystical, and inspiring.

Earth-shattering evidence of the wedding of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

And I John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice from the throne, saying: "Behold the tabernacle of God with men, and he will dwell with them. And they shall be his people; and God himself with them shall be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away." And he that sat on the throne, said: "Behold, I make all things new." And he said to me: "Write, for these words are most faithful and true.

And he said to me: "It is done. I am Alpha and Omega; the beginning and the end. To him that thirsteth, I will give of the fountain of the water of life, freely. He that shall overcome shall possess these things, and I will be his God; and he shall be my son. But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and mur…

SSPX-Rome: Important - Father Schmidberger speaks on conditions and current status of negotiations with Rome
Updated: video with subtitles

Fr. Andreas Steiner, spokesman of the German District of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), interviewed Germany’s current District Superior and former Superior General of the Society Fr. Franz Schmidberger.

Fr. Schmidberger spoke on the most recent General Chapter, the current situation of affairs between Rome and the SSPX, and on the relationship with Abp. Müller (head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - and President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei).
Posted on Youtube in German only on September 18, 2012.

[Click on "captions" for English subtitles]
Following is an adapted, but reasonably accurate, summary of the 17:21-long video.
On the first question, dealing with the General Chapter, Fr. Schmidberger remarks about the gain for the SSPX itself: “the General Chapter has provided us with a new unity within our own ranks, [a unity] which had suffered a bit in recent times; and that is a big grace of God, I would say”. Concerning the external…

Me, me, me, me, me

[T]he tenderness which we have for our own selves is a great hindrance to us in the path of perfection.
To understand this, we must remember that there are in us two sorts of love; the affective love, and the effective love. ... [A] father ... has two sons, one of whom is yet a child, but amiable and of good promise; and the other is a grown man, brave and generous. The father greatly loves these two sons, but with a different kind of love; for he loves the one who is still a child with a love extremely tender and affective; he caresses him, he kisses him, he holds him on his knees and in his arms with an incomparable sweetness, as well for himself as for the child; suppose this child has been stung by a bee, the father never ceases to soothe him until the pain is abated. If his eldest son had been stung by a hundred bees, he would not deign to turn his head round, although he loves him with a love mightily strong and solid.
Consider, I pray you, the difference of these two loves. For a…

To Be Deep in History: Lead, Kindly Light

On the two-year anniversary of his beatification, Rorate is pleased to bring you this very special, free look at a wonderful video on John Henry Cardinal Newman. "Lead, Kindly Light" is a special 20-minute film about this great convert.
Until now, it has only been shown once: on large-screen televisions (19 September 2010) in Birmingham, England, immediately before the Pope’s special Mass with the Beatification of Cardinal Newman.
The film was produced in 2010 by the Newman Connection, in association with Corpus Christi Watershed.

It is now being made public today in celebration of the imminent release of the St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass.

To learn more about the special connection between this film and the Campion project, please click here.

Celebrating 50 years of a very successful endeavor

From the Catholic Herald:

Archbishop of Canterbury and Orthodox patriarch to join Vatican II celebration
The Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and the Archbishop of Canterbury will join Pope Benedict XVI’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, it was announced today.
Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and Dr Rowan Williams will attend the Mass that Pope Benedict will celebrate at the Vatican to mark the anniversary of the opening of the council on October 11, 1962, Vatican officials said.
Representatives from the Orthodox Church and Anglican Communion were observers at the 1962-65 council, which officially embraced and promoted Catholic involvement in the ecumenical movement.

FSSP installation in Fribourg

As we reported in June, Bishop Charles Morerod OP of the Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg decided to entrust the pastoral care of the Basilica of Our Lady (Basilique de Notre-Dame) in Fribourg to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP). The official installation of the FSSP in the Basilica took place on September 8, with a Mass celebrated by the Superior General of the Fraternity, Fr. John Berg.

Mondays: Pray for the Souls in Purgatory

Below, please find the sixty-second posting of enrolled souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.

Mondays in the Church have traditionally been set aside for the souls in Purgatory. Here's an extra prayer you can add to your routine for them:

Monday Prayer for the Faithful Departed
O Lord God omnipotent, I beseech Thee by the Precious Blood which Thy divine Son Jesus shed in His cruel scourging, deliver the souls in purgatory, and among them all, especially that soul which is nearest to its entrance into Thy glory, that it may soon begin to praise and bless Thee for ever. Amen.
How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well.
Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and …

Prayer of a Parishioner

In a recent purchase of a very handy 1950s pocket edition of a Bible - that had first been given as a gift to a priest -, there was a folded typed prayer card, with the following...
Prayer of a Parishioner Thank you, Lord, for the shortcomings of our Priests! If they did not have them,
they would not be able to understand our own weaknesses.
I forgot that, when outside, they must greet everyone.
I also forgot that they always have to welcome others
with a smile on their lips,
even when they are somewhat dead inside.
I ask you, Lord, that I may practice charity with our Priests,
that I may understand that I have only one Priest to suffer,
while he has to suffer us all.

Mother of God, intercede for the Lands of thy Son's visitation

In honor of the Most Holy and Ever-Virgin Mother of God, and in remembrance of the visit of the Successor of Saint Peter to the blessed lands of the Levant once touched by the Word Incarnate: part of the Akathist hymn, chanted in Arabic by Archimandrite Agapios Abu Saada, of the Basilian Order of the Most Holy Savior, Pastor of the Melkite Greek Catholic Parish in Haifa, the city of Carmel, the Mount of Saint Elias:

The Pope in Lebanon: "Your suffering is not in vain" - "In Heavenly Jerusalem, your tears will be wiped away" - "Our Mother understands our needs"

By telling his disciples that he must suffer and be put to death, and then rise again, Jesus wants to make them understand his true identity. He is a Messiah who suffers, a Messiah who serves, and not some triumphant political saviour. He is the Servant who obeys his Father’s will, even to giving up his life. This had already been foretold by the prophet Isaiah in today’s first reading. Jesus thus contradicts the expectations of many. What he says is shocking and disturbing. We can understand the reaction of Peter who rebukes him, refusing to accept that his Master should suffer and die! Jesus is stern with Peter; he makes him realize that anyone who would be his disciple must become a servant, just as he became Servant.
Following Jesus means taking up one’s cross and walking in his footsteps, along a difficult path which leads not to earthly power or glory but, if necessary, to self-abandonment, to losing one’s life for Christ and the Gospel in order to save it. We are assured that th…

The Pope in Lebanon: The secret of true peace is answering Christ's call

In Christ you will find the strength and courage to advance along the paths of life, and to overcome difficulties and suffering. In him you will find the source of joy. Christ says to you: سَلامي أُعطيكُم – My peace I give to you! (Jn 14:27). This is the true revolution brought by Christ: that of love.
The frustrations of the present moment must not lead you to take refuge in parallel worlds like those, for example, of the various narcotics or the bleak world of pornography. As for social networks, they are interesting but they can quite easily lead to addiction and confusion between the real and the virtual. Look for relationships of genuine, uplifting friendship. Find ways to give meaning and depth to your lives; fight superficiality and mindless consumption! You face another temptation, too: that of money, the tyrannical idol which blinds to the point of stifling the person at the heart. The examples being held up all around you are not always the best. Many people have forgotten Ch…

Parliaments and nations will pass away, the Words of Christ will last forever

No nation is guaranteed a permanent place in this world, these ridiculous parliaments and governments with no sense of their impermanence will one day disappear: the only end of history is Our Lord Jesus Christ.
From the declarations of Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, upon meeting a minister of the French government, that will soon push through parliament the modification of the civil notion of marriage in order to include unnatural unions:

"This has many consequences that cannot be numbered. Afterwards, they will try to create 'couples' of three, or of four. After that, one day, perhaps, the prohibition of incest will fall. ... A marriage is a name that implies a bulwark, in order to allow the most fragile spot in society, that is, a woman who gives birth to a child, to have all conditions established so that it may take place with the best available resources.
"For us, the first page of the Bible has a little more strength and truth, that will traverse the cu…

FIUV Position Paper: The EF and Western Culture

Today I can publish the 11th in our series of Position Papers, on the Extraordinary Form and Western Culture. 'Modern Man' and 'the Man of Today' (in the dated idiom of the 1960s and 70s) was a constant source of concern at the Second Vatican Council, and a similar concern is to be found in the writings of the more progressive 'liturgical movement' writers. Modern Man doesn't like Latin, ritual, Gregorian Chant, and so these things had to be done away with. Sadly, it would be more accurate to say that Modern Man doesn't like the 10 Commandments, just like his ancestors. But there was an element of truth in this concern. In the course of the last two or three centuries cultural barriers have been erected in the West against ritual, by the deeply embedded, though bizarre, idea that only spontaneous actions are sincere, and against a sense of mystery, by the equally powerful, though quite opposed, idea, that meaning can only be communicated by what is imm…