Rorate Caeli

Prayer of a Parishioner

A parish priest outside the Catholic church of Bagshot, Surrey, 1950s (Source)

In a recent purchase of a very handy 1950s pocket edition of a Bible - that had first been given as a gift to a priest -, there was a folded typed prayer card, with the following...

Prayer of a Parishioner 
Thank you, Lord, for the shortcomings of our Priests!
If they did not have them,
they would not be able to understand our own weaknesses.
I forgot that, when outside, they must greet everyone.
I also forgot that they always have to welcome others
with a smile on their lips,
even when they are somewhat dead inside.
I ask you, Lord, that I may practice charity with our Priests,
that I may understand that I have only one Priest to suffer,
while he has to suffer us all.