Rorate Caeli

Mother of God, intercede for the Lands of thy Son's visitation

In honor of the Most Holy and Ever-Virgin Mother of God, and in remembrance of the visit of the Successor of Saint Peter to the blessed lands of the Levant once touched by the Word Incarnate: part of the Akathist hymn, chanted in Arabic by Archimandrite Agapios Abu Saada, of the Basilian Order of the Most Holy Savior, Pastor of the Melkite Greek Catholic Parish in Haifa, the city of Carmel, the Mount of Saint Elias:


Cluny said...

The readers of Rorate Coeli may want to know that the Akathist Hymn is the only Eastern prayer (to my knowledge) that is enriched with indulgences.

While there are many others modeled on it to various saints and mysteries, such as the Passion or Resurrection of the Lord, the Holy Cross, and the like, Akathist Hymn (without any other qualification) refers to the beautiful Akathist of Our Lady, which some attribute to St. John of Damascus.

There are many translations on line; it should be easy to find.

Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M. said...

Thank you, Cluny, for the informative and edifying comment. Thanks also to New Catholic for posting this.