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Parliaments and nations will pass away, the Words of Christ will last forever

No nation is guaranteed a permanent place in this world, these ridiculous parliaments and governments with no sense of their impermanence will one day disappear: the only end of history is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the declarations of Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, upon meeting a minister of the French government, that will soon push through parliament the modification of the civil notion of marriage in order to include unnatural unions:

"This has many consequences that cannot be numbered. Afterwards, they will try to create 'couples' of three, or of four. After that, one day, perhaps, the prohibition of incest will fall. ... A marriage is a name that implies a bulwark, in order to allow the most fragile spot in society, that is, a woman who gives birth to a child, to have all conditions established so that it may take place with the best available resources.

"For us, the first page of the Bible has a little more strength and truth, that will traverse the cultures and the centuries, than the circumstantial or passing decisions of a Parliament."

Naturally, he is being attacked for these declarations.

[Tip: Le Salon Beige; source: Le Figaro]


  1. Time Zone1:20 PM

    Psalm 9:20-21.

  2. NIANTIC1:32 PM

    "Naturally, he is being attacked for these declarations". Naturally, because enlightened Man is in charge, don't you know.

  3. Matthew Rose2:12 PM

    "A marriage is a name that implies a bulwark, in order to allow the most fragile spot in society, that is, a woman who gives birth to a child, to have all conditions established so that it may take place with the best available resources."


  4. Brother2:16 PM

    Thanks be to God that an archbishop in France is saying this.

  5. And naturally, no one care about those most affected by these unnatural unions: the children.

    Of course, most Europeans aren't having many of those anyway.

  6. J.G.Ratkaj3:39 PM

    It is laudable that the primate of the Gauls speaks in plain terms. The positivism of egalitarian democracies is open to any marotte.

  7. He is in "full communion". How about that?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. God bless this good Bishop.

  8. Athelstane

    Mahomatens are having plenty of children - they just get on with having large families awaiting the day when they have a substantial political influence in an ever-weakening and immoral EU and her disorientated depleted indigenous population.
    Ecumenism and interreligious meanderings together with disappearing Catholic families ensure that the church has no imfluence to chnage matters for the better. It sold its soul to the world after The Councils.

  9. Cluny7:43 PM

    David, not only is he in full communion, but he exercises his ministry legitimately in the Catholic Church.

    His Holiness said in so many words that the SSPX does not do so. How much more does this apply to such groups as SSPV and sedevacantist clergy?

  10. He is in "full communion". How about that?

    It is an ancient reality that there have been individuals and orders in partial or full communion with the Catholic Church and no amount of protesting or propaganda by the writers of "The Remnant" can render that reality nugatory.

    Now, the SSPX is missing the time of its visitation by refusing to reconcile with Pope Benedict XVI and it seems a most inopportune time for those who succor the sspx to rhetorically flash the sspx middle-finger gang sign at those who appear to be in full communion with the Pope.

    It is long past time for the SSPX to surrender to this Pope and accept full communion or their partial communion will result in an obvious full-blown schism


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