Rorate Caeli

Parliaments and nations will pass away, the Words of Christ will last forever

No nation is guaranteed a permanent place in this world, these ridiculous parliaments and governments with no sense of their impermanence will one day disappear: the only end of history is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

From the declarations of Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, upon meeting a minister of the French government, that will soon push through parliament the modification of the civil notion of marriage in order to include unnatural unions:

"This has many consequences that cannot be numbered. Afterwards, they will try to create 'couples' of three, or of four. After that, one day, perhaps, the prohibition of incest will fall. ... A marriage is a name that implies a bulwark, in order to allow the most fragile spot in society, that is, a woman who gives birth to a child, to have all conditions established so that it may take place with the best available resources.

"For us, the first page of the Bible has a little more strength and truth, that will traverse the cultures and the centuries, than the circumstantial or passing decisions of a Parliament."

Naturally, he is being attacked for these declarations.

[Tip: Le Salon Beige; source: Le Figaro]