Rorate Caeli

FSSP installation in Fribourg

As we reported in June, Bishop Charles Morerod OP of the Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg decided to entrust the pastoral care of the Basilica of Our Lady (Basilique de Notre-Dame) in Fribourg to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP). The official installation of the FSSP in the Basilica took place on September 8, with a Mass celebrated by the Superior General of the Fraternity, Fr. John Berg.

(Image source: Riposte Catholique)


John said...

God bless these holy and humble men. May they continue to be the example of Tradition in Holy Mother Church for ages to come.

Gratias said...

Merci Vielmals Bp. Morerod.

A great day for the Church, at the very seat of the FSSP.

Accross the river from Pocahontas said...

Imagine if every bishop in a diocese where there is a clergy shortage, low Mass attendance, and beautiful but empty churches entrusted that church to the FSSP or another community of the like or simply established a diocesan personal parish for the EF!

Matt said...

Wonderful for Fribourg! Still too bad for Los Angeles. Our local Una Voce groups have been trying to get some Tridentine regularity in this diocese which includes getting the FSSP a foothold out here, but Mahony's old politburo is still in place and Gomez just bobs along, so therefore, out here in the liturgical winter, we still get a nice hot bowl of NOTHING!

A little child of God said...

Dear Matt,

Your suffering reaches toward the Throne of Our Merciful Eternal High Priest. May you docilely DO all that He tells you.

He had our family move away from that area 20 years ago in order to seek the refuge of the full practices of our Catholic Faith for the preservation of our souls. May He lead you to the few "oasis" Altars in your surrounding area that you may be refreshed by His sacramental Presence then illumine you as to His precise Providential Will for you.

Be assured of my prayers for you and yours as I, unworthy as I am, assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - today and throughout the duration of time.

Whats Up! said...


Do you know about the six parishes in the LA Diocese were the TLM is offered regularly?
Hopefully you can get to one of them:

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

91801 - ALHAMBRA - St Therese Parish 510 N. El Molino St

Sun 1 pm
Pho (626) 282-2744

Diocese (Fr Robert Bishop)

91007 - ARCADIA - Our Lady of the Angels Church 1100 W. Duarte Rd.

Mon - Sat 8:00 am
Sun 7:30 & 10:00 am
Fr. Charles Ward, (626) 447-1752, fax 447-0083


93434 - GUADALUPE - Our Lady of Guadalupe 1165 Obispo Street

Last Sun 8 am
Tue & Thu 8 am, 1st Fri 9 am
Pho (805) 343-2181


90301 - INGLEWOOD - St. John Chrysostom Parish 546 East Florence Ave

1st Sat 9:15 am
Pho (310) 677-2736


90220 - RANCHO DOMINGUES - Dominguez Seminara 18127 S Allamena Street

1st Sun 10 am
Pho (310) 631-5981


91335 - RESEDA - St Catherine of Siena Church 18115 Sherman Way

2nd Sun 7 pm
Pho (818) 343-2110


93001 - SAN BUENAVENTURA - San Buenaventura Mission 211 East Main St

Sun 1:30 pm
Pho (805) 643-4318

Diocese (Fr Tom Elewaut)

90731 - SAN PEDRO - Maria Stella Maris Mission Angels Gate Park, 3600 Gaffey St.

Sun 8:00 am (new time)
Fr. Brian Hawker, (310) 548-4706


93060 - SANTA PAULA - Thomas Aquinas College 10000 N. Ojai Rd

Sun 7:30 am
Mon-Fri 7 am, Sat 7:30 am
Pho (805) 525-4417

Diocese (Fr Richard Perozich)

93060 - THOUSAND OAKS - St Pascal Baylon 155 East Janss Road

Last Sun 3 pm
Pho (805) 496-0222


90744 - WILMINGTON - Sts Peter and Paul 706 Bay View Ave.

Sun 6:30 am except 3rd Sun 9:30 am
Pho (310) 834-5215


Gratias said...

Matt in Los Angeles is right to want the FSSP allowed in. Most of us will not attend SSPX until they reconcile with the Pope. Excepting them, we are left with two every-Sunday masses in this vast area of 5,000,000 baptized Catholics. They are in very peripheral areas in the North (San Buenaventura Mission) and Northeast (Alhambra). We love San Buenaventura (1:30 pm) but it is 90 minutes one way from our home. Fortunately the entire road is paved so we can make it once or twice a month. I have written stacks of letters to Cardinal Mahoney and then Abp. Jose Gomez, still no TLM in West Los Angeles. There is no daily EF mass except Thomas Aquinas College at Ojai Valley at 7:00 am.

Una Voce Los Angeles submitted 1400 signatures to Abp. Gomez requesting an FSSP parish here, but nothing yet. So Matt has a point. The FSSP would be a welcome change here.

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,

I drive to Thomas Aquinas College (67 miles one way) for TLM mass @7:15am.

God's blessings of peace & joy!