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You report: First Traditional Wedding in Denmark in decades

A Danish reader sends us the following report:

The first wedding in Denmark according to the Traditional Roman Rite since the late 1960s-early 1970s liturgical upheaval took place on Saturday, September 15 at the historic Jesu Hjerte Kirke (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) in Copenhagen. Both bride and groom are regular attendees at the Traditional Sunday Mass held twice a month in the same church.

The Nuptial Mass was sung with Gregorian settings supplemented by the motets Sicut lilium inter spinas by Palestrina and Ubi Caritas by Duruflé. 

A great many non-Catholics and non-believers were present, and everyone, also those familiar with Catholic liturgy in the Ordinary Form, remarked that the ceremony was extraordinarily beautiful, mystical, and inspiring.


  1. Francis Ma7:05 PM

    Deo Gratias!
    IMHO, the way to re-Christianize Europe, and the world, is to bring back traditional Catholicism, and the TLM. These are what Christianized Europe, and the world in the beginning.

  2. In Croatia as well:


    i think it's the first one in Croatia after V2.

  4. Prof. Basto9:26 PM

    Wonderful, especially the mention of the experience of those who only know the Ordinary Form, as well as the impression made upon non Catholics and unbelievers.

    And congratulations to the couple.

  5. Gratias6:17 AM

    It is wonderful that the Extraordinary Form is now viewed as a normal part of the Church. It took five years but here we are. EF weddings and baptisms are a wonderful way of showing a wider circle that the traditional liturgy is part of our rites.

    Funeral masses are also a way, but it is very hard to get approval. Perhaps one way would be to get a Funeral Home in each large city that will hire a Una Voce-Summorum Pontificum priest (or FSSP) willing to travel to OF parishes. This needs of course a holy bishop.

    Una Voce International and other groups under Coetibus pro Summorum Pontificum will hold a Solemn Mass at the Altar of the Chair in Saint Peter's on November 3. It was initially scheduled at 10.00. My wife and I were devastated because we are arriving in Rome at 12.00 that day. Yesterday the mass was postponed until 15.00. So most likely we will be able to attend!

    The November 3rd Mass will thank Pope Benedict XVI for five years of Summorum Pontificum and to demonstrate that many in the traditional movement can be counted on for the New Evangelization of previously Catholic peoples in the Year of Faith.

  6. Fantastic! I didn´t believe that the Sacred Heart Church was so active.

  7. NoNewspeaker3:40 PM

    Gratias, what the hell is the "Extraordinary Form"?


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