Rorate Caeli

"This grace I will most easily obtain"

As the sky is adorned with stars, so the Province of the March of Ancona was in former times adorned with holy and exemplary friars, who, like the bright luminaries in heaven, ornamented the Order of Saint Francis, and enlightened the world by their doctrine and example.

Foremost amongst these was Brother Lucius Antico, in whom indeed shone forth the fire of divine charity and the light of holiness; for, taught by the Spirit of God, his preaching produced innumerable fruits. Another brother, Bentivoglio of San Severino, was seen by Brother Maximus raised above the earth as he was praying in the forest, at the sight of which miracle Brother Maximus became a Friar Minor, and grew so holy that he worked many miracles, both during his lifetime and after his death: he is buried at Murro. ...

Another Brother, Peter of Monticello, who was the guardian of the old Convent of Ancona, was raised several feet above the earth, to the foot of the Crucifix before which he was in prayer. This same Brother Peter having once observed the Fast of Saint Michael the Archangel with great devotion, as he was praying on the last day of the Fast in the church, was heard to speak with Saint Michael by a young man who had hidden himself behind the high altar, in hopes of seeing something wonderful; and the words which he heard were the following.

The saint said to Brother Peter: “Thou hast suffered faithfully for my sake, and during many days hast mortified thy body; wherefore I am come to comfort thee, and whatever grace thou askest of God, I will obtain for thee.” Brother Peter answered: “Most holy prince of the celestial host of saints, faithful servant of divine love, and pious protector of souls, this is the grace I ask of thee, namely, that thou obtain from God the pardon of my sins.” And St Michael answered: “Ask some other grace, as this I will most easily obtain.” And as Brother Peter asked for nothing else, the Archangel added: “Through the faith and devotion which thou hast to me, I will obtain for thee not this grace only, but many others likewise.” And when the conversation, which had lasted some time, was ended, the Archangel Michael departed, leaving Brother Peter greatly comforted.

Fioretti of Saint Francis

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Long-Skirts said...


(St. Michael the Archangel)

In the gold mouth
Of the morning
I knead the bread
From wheat.

Mix broccoli, bacon
In wooden bowl
Add raisins
Sugared sweet.

A Burgundy wine
From His own grape
Marinating beef
Will seep.

Then later boil
Egg noodles white
Pile in a
Buttered heap.

Chocolate cake
Oh, what a gift
Cocoa bean!

All day prepared
And used His cloth
From cotton plant
To clean.

The guests all gather
Toast the Feast
We pray, we laugh
And eat

Then with our coffees
Outside crisp
Round fire
Take a seat.

For this is a Feast Day
In September
No bother cold
No grief.

And to top it off
We have some smokes
From His glorious
Tobacco leaf!

Then fire’s flames
Faint to a glow…
Some stare
As it looses its might,

While others sigh
For sleep is nigh…
And smoke streams into the black-silk…
Of His night