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To Be Deep in History: Lead, Kindly Light

On the two-year anniversary of his beatification, Rorate is pleased to bring you this very special, free look at a wonderful video on John Henry Cardinal Newman. "Lead, Kindly Light" is a special 20-minute film about this great convert.

Until now, it has only been shown once: on large-screen televisions (19 September 2010) in Birmingham, England, immediately before the Pope’s special Mass with the Beatification of Cardinal Newman.

The film was produced in 2010 by the Newman Connection, in association with Corpus Christi Watershed.

It is now being made public today in celebration of the imminent release of the St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal for the Traditional Latin Mass.

To learn more about the special connection between this film and the Campion project, please click here.