Rorate Caeli

No news? Good news.

Dear readers who visit our blog in search of news of the talks between the Holy See and the FSSPX, what we can tell you is that there is nothing to report, at least nothing minimally credible -- unless one wishes to give credence to the leading French Sedevacantist news website, which alleges bishop Williamson has recently met the French Sedevacantist priest responsible for the articles in the site and has confirmed the so-called division inside the Society. If this news is true, the division inside the Society truly exists and is abysmal, but we are not completely convinced of the veracity of the piece.

This lack of news is good news as things currently stand. As we warned in this piece (please read it all, if you have not done it already): "In any case, do not get anxious with any apparent lack of news: it means the machinery is working properly".

It is providential that this is all happening during Septuagesima and Lent. We can offer up our prayers and penance to the Most Holy Trinity so that all is done for His greater glory and for the unity, liberty, and exaltation of Holy Mother Church. And, if you notice some reduced blogging during Lent, it will have been because of penitential shorter hours at the computer: but we will always try to convey with the greatest urgency those pieces of news or even credible "rumors" which seem true.


Tradosaurus said...

My source (who is was a priest with the sspx) tells me that Bishop Williamson definitely leans toward sedevacantism.

Now how much courage the good bishop will have if the liberal faction of the sspx (fellay and schmidberger) "reconcile" with the novus ordo religion remains to be seen.

I pray that the "reconciliation" happens so that the wheat and the chaff will be further separated and those who are on the side of the Catholic faith will be more clearly identified.


Jeff said...

Dear Wheatosaurus:

I don't lean toward empty seats. I sit in 'em. (Just chaffing you!)

Jeff said...

Perhaps the Empty-Seatists will eventually work out something like the Stewards of Gondor; some kind of placeholder figure to keep them on their toes. It's better than Pope Kevin the Supergreat and Cardinal Jimbob, dontcha think? And it sure beats that empty feeling in the pit of your chair.