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The Love Bout

I recently posted this comment on the Pertinacious Papist. Most of the folks there were having an argument about beer and did not appreciate the interruption (at this point I should import one of those smiley things, but I can't bring myself to do it). So, I thought I'd run it up our flag:
Neo-con fainthearts! Be the first on your block to discover:
No puns! No personalized love goop mixing with theological cotton-candy spinning! No Catholic Narnimaniacal fantasizing passing as theology! No youthful burbling! No youthful adulation of youthful burbling! No theologipalooza book-signing tours!
No stones -- just bread!
Yes, it's Romano Amerio, safely dead and buried, but whose magnum opus still packs more punch [Look, mom! It even has an INDEX!!] than do the collected works of all of the male cheerleaders who have followed him.
Read Iota Unum TODAY!! Benedict has.


Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Oh, here's a tip:

To fully appreciate the first chapter of "First Comes Love", it helps to have something by Barry White playing in the background.

Jeff said...

Funny, I never heard of the guy until I saw Magister hawking him. I was tempted to think he was just being touted because he was saying the same things in Italian that others had said better in English, German, French, etc.

But if you guys think he's top-notch, I'll seriously have to think again...

I'm not sure, though,that I could persuade Barry White to come over to my place just so that I could get some creature to romp about at his side while I read Swiss theologians... If this is what it takes to develop an appreciation for Anerio, no wonder he's so obscure.

BTW, have the Italian Swiss produced anyone else of note? Not a group whose members have exactly risen to the fore, are they?

Al Trovato said...

A must-read.

Sorry, a no-go on Barry White.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

Sorry for the confusion: "First Comes Love" is theologipaloozist Scott Hahn's book; Amerio's book is "Iota Unum".

Amerio and Barry White would be a volatile combination, I think. Perhaps you should wait until the St Louis Jesuits release a tribute album.

No, that would be worse.

Jeff said...

I haven't read much Hahn; there are gaps in my education. I just assumed that "First Comes Love" was a minor opus of the Swiss master.

But after all, is there one iota's worth of difference between Anerio and Scott Hahn? And what does one play when reading the former? "Duelling Banjos"?

Ralph Roister-Doister said...

"But after all, is there one iota's worth of difference between Anerio and Scott Hahn?"

Yes, Jeff, there is.

"And what does one play when reading the former? "Duelling Banjos"?

I suppose I could say something cute like "any music by 'Return to Forever'", but I'll leave it up to you.

Moretben said...

Iota Unum is the most important book by any Catholic writer of the part forty years.

bedwere said...

I have a copy in Italian signed by Amerio (I bought it on line, I didn't know that in advance). The book is well worth reading, but I came out with the impression that Amerio didn't really understand why all this awful mess happened. I definitely prefer
"The Banished Heart" by Geoffrey Hull. That's the book every traditionalist should read, in my not so humble opinion. You can get it from Pro Multis for $30.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...


Interesting. Pro Multis is about five miles from where I sit. You aren't by any chance from that neck of the woods yourself?

I don't share your opinion. I think Amerio understood the hows and whys all too well.

Ralph Roister-Doister said...
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Jeff said...

What I wish I could get is a clear idea of how it differs from other books that do similar things. And I wonder why I've never heard of it before. It only seems to have become a hot topic of discussion after Magister's column. But I will certainly read it!

Jeff said...


Any idea why "The Banished Heart" by Geoffrey Hull doesn't show up on Amazon books?

bedwere said...

Ralph: I'm an Italian immigrant living in sunny San Diego, where I sing in the TLM choir, Schola Sanctae Crucis. :-)

Jeff: I don't know why. Pro Multis seems to be the only place where it is available. It's a very hard to find book, which is a pity. Here is some information about Dr. Hull.