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The statistics for every-Sunday TLM’s in 10 countries

Some French Catholic blogs (such as Perepiscopus) have recently published statistics on the number and percentage of “approved” Mass sites (those under diocesan auspices) out of the total every-Sunday Traditional Latin Mass sites (approved + those under SSPX and SSPX-related societies and chapels) in those countries that have a total of more than 20 such locations.

The statistics are, in turn, drawn from Agoramag's listing of TLM statistics for the whole world:

Lieux de culte où est célébrée la messe de saint pie V – Février 2010

The statistics have been published in some blogs in an attempt to determine the generosity of the local bishops in implementing Summorum Pontificum. Now, I think the methodology used here in determining “generosity” is wrong. The ratio of “authorized” to “unauthorized” Mass-sites does not necessarily demonstrate the generosity – or lack of it -- of the bishops, since the ratio is also influenced by the comparative vigor (or the absence) of the SSPX and the groups affiliated with it. France, for example, is no model for the implementation of the Motu Proprio, but the situations in Brazil, Italy and Canada are unquestionably far worse than in France, despite these countries having higher scores for “episcopal generosity” compared to the “eldest daughter of the Church”.

Nevertheless, the numbers as reported by Perepiscopus remain of interest and are presented below. (I have arranged the countries in terms of the total number of Mass sites with every-Sunday TLM’s, from the most numerous to the least, rather than from the highest score for “episcopal generosity” downwards.)

1) United States: 289 authorized every-Sunday TLM sites out of a total of 359 (80.5%)

2) France: 156 out of 312 (50%)

3) Germany: 49 out of 88 (55.7%)

4) Italy: 73 out of 86 (84.9%)

5) United Kingdom: 37 out of 53 (69.8%)

6) Brazil: 42 (including those in Campos) out of 48 (87.5%)

7) Switzerland: 21 out of 45 (46.6%)

8) Canada: 23 out of 39 (60%)

9) Australia: 17 out of 28 (60.7%)

10) Poland: 15 out of 26 (57.7%)

The disproportionate concentration of TLM’s in the United States and France cannot be overlooked, in the same way that the numbers in such large Catholic countries as Italy, Brazil and Poland can cause much disquiet (albeit these already represent a situation greatly improved from that of 10 years ago).

The statistics apparently leave out independent chapels and Mass sites associated with sedevacantist groups (even those that are staffed by priests with unquestionably valid orders).