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Two years after Summorum Pontificum, the Archdiocese of Anchorage finally got a one-Saturday-a-month TLM in St. Michael's Parish, Palmer, Alaska. This is in addition to the First Saturday Dominican Rite Mass offered in the Holy Family Cathedral of Anchorage. (No Sunday Masses yet since some of the clergy of the Archdiocese have apparently requested that the TLM "not compete" with the regular Novus Ordo Sunday Masses)
The Catholic Anchor interviewed Fr. Thomas Brundage JCL, who will be the regular celebrant of this Mass. The interview can be found here.


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    It seems that modern Catholicism has nothing to do with the operative Mass ... hense its modern unpopularity.

    Priests just have to act like ''Jesus'', a Jesus who is certainly great man, a political liberal and pluralist, but is in no sense a lawgiver and Master. The equation Jesus = Gandhi applies here.

    This maybe explains why so many modern priests are gay ... the ''Jesus'' imagined by modern men is just so nice and loving that he is no longer straight ... Jesus is Love, but a Love that is completely anarchical, self-giving and narcissistic.

    It looks more like the Anti-Christ than Christ himself.

  2. some of the clergy of the Archdiocese have apparently requested that the TLM "not compete" with the regular Novus Ordo Sunday Masses

    They don't seem to have much confidence in the ordinary use of the Roman Rite, eh?

  3. a Love that is completely anarchical, self-giving and narcissistic

    Self-giving as in giving to one's self, not giving of one's self to others.

  4. Anonymous6:46 PM

    I have been in direct contact with Fr. Brundage and also the Dominican priest (Fr. Kelber or something) who celebrates the Dominican Traditional Latin Rite Mass one Sunday per month. This is becoming ridiculous. The priests are afraid of an appearance of competition with the N.O. What the hell are these idiots afraid of? All they need do is look around. The T.L.M. is not replacing the N.O.M. anywhere. Even the Diocese of Fairbanks, north of them, has an every-Sunday T.L.M. now. But they, the Matropolitan Archdiocese of Anchorage, cannot hve one?

    Artice 1 of S.P. calls for the T.L.M. to be given due honour for its ancient and venerable usage. Other articles insist that the PEOPLE may ask for a SUNDAY Mass. If the people want a Sunday Mass (Article 5 of S.P.), this is what should be given due consideration.

    Round and round the mulberry bush we go. If the Pope doesn't use a baseball bat against these liberals, he might as well use nothing at all. Nothing but force will make them comply with this will.


  5. Old Believer6:47 PM

    Golly a Tridentine rite Mass!!

    So for the first time in the modern age a priest gave a triple blessing as in the 1570 Missale Romanum later reserved to bishops.


  6. They don't seem to have much confidence in the ordinary use of the Roman Rite, eh?

    At least they indirectly admit that the traditional rites have more going for it, than the Missal of Paul VI.

    Our own archbishop has more or less said that no criticism of the so-called ordinary form must be allowed - suddenly the church of "openess" and "dialogue" is now repressing the religious liberty to criticise!

  7. Anonymous7:01 PM

  8. Anonymous7:52 PM

    It would seem the Anchorage clergy knows what they are up against by not wanting the Tridentine Mass to "compete" with the regular Novus Ordo Sunday Masses. It's obvious the Tridentine Mass is a direct challenge to their stale status quo.

    I like Jordanes' logic and good play on words, "Self-giving as in giving to one's self, not giving of one's self to others." That is exactly what being a liberal is. "Me. Me. Me. It's all about me."


  9. Anonymous8:30 PM


    I wish that the Anchorage priests were right about this but it just isn't so. I have authority to write on this matter, given my work in all the listings for the Mater Dei site. I am VERY conversant with numbers, internationally as well as in particular countries. The truth is that we are no threat to the N.O.M. The reason is that they control the times and places of our Mass. They can arrange it on Sundays at 5 a.m. or 3 p.m. and they can schedule our Mass in a church which looks like an inverted teacup on the outside and a shopping mall in drag on the inside. They can even put our Mass in a dangerous neighbourhood and this has actually happened (but only in the U.S.A. so far). We are no threat to them until we have equal access to the parish churches, and that is unthinkable.

    This is just another excuse for liberals to exclude our Mass. Retards can't think of good excuses, so they settle for bad ones. We have our Masses in 142 of the 176 U.S. dioceses now. In some sees, we have as many as ten every-Sunday Masses. Is it competing with their precious clown Mass? No.

    There is an every-Sunday Mass in the Diocese of Fairbanks, even further north and more remote than Anchorage. It is a threat? Duh. No.

    It is clear that harsh words from the Pope will not suffice when it comes to offering this treasure to the faithful. He'll need a baseball bat to deal with these bozos and miscreants. That metaphorical bat could be the clarification of S.P. we've all been waiting for. Meanwhile, I suggest to the good fellows in Anchorage that they REJECT Fr. Brundage's offer and appear to the Archbishop and thence to Rome if need be. They should not settle for any compromise on this. It's not as if they were asking to take over the cathedral or abolish all the illcit clown Masses using invalid matter!


  10. SSPX offers a traditional Latin Mass every fourth Sunday of the month at St. Therese Church in Anchorage according to information here: Given the disobedience of the bishop and priests to Summorum Pontificum in the diocese, I have no qualms about recommending the SSPX Mass.

  11. Finbar10:36 PM

    Leaving aside the charming reference to "retards"--can we look forward to hearing about "kikes" or "spooks" next?--Mr. Perkins's comments sound more than a bit further off base than we've come to expect. Fairy tales about Masses in slum neighborhoods and recurring references to substantially imaginary "clown Masses" hardly help the cause . . .

  12. Alright everybody, seeing a few of the comments waiting in the Moderators' Bin, it's evidently time for a gentle reminder that we all try and watch our tone . . . and try to avoid personal attacks or commentary on fellow commenters. Perhaps count to 10 and taking a breath as we re-read our comments before clicking "Publish Your Comment"?

    Mr. Nestor, regarding your comment: thanks for sharing your concerns and complaints; they are appreciated and I'm no unsympathetic to them. However, I hope you understand why I think it better all-in-all that I not approve your comment. Perhaps, um, take it down a notch and repost a comment making many of the same points? Thanks!

  13. Finbar, in August or September 1985 I attended a Mass at Holy Trinity Church in DC (Georgetown), during which the priest came in wearing a brown paper bag over his head, with a smiley face cut into it. He was addressed as "Father Good News" by a woman holding a microphone.

    It reminds me of the "Unknown Comic" routine from the Gong Show. (It's a 70's thing. You had to be there.)

    Not far from a clown mass, huh?

  14. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Dear Finbar:

    While I don't have the details at hand for you, I have definite information about Traditional Latin Masses being organised in dangerous neighbourhoods. As I wrote in my original post on this, I have only heard of such cases in the U.S.A. I'm not sure if there are cases in Paris, for example, where we currently have 38 every-Sunday Traditional Latin Masses.

    In one case, a lady wrote in on the old ctngreg list that some traditionalists could not attend their Masses becasue the neighbourhood in which it was offered was too dangerous. She did give details. This was followed by reports of the same thing from two or three other listmembers. Your reference to 'spooks' and 'kikes' makes you look extreme, not me. I never suggested such things.

    As for clown Masses, I know of cases in my own Diocese and in others, especially in California. We also had a priest here who used invalid matter (little cakes with raisins in them: yummy!) and there was a Mass in which participants sat on the floor in a circle and sang that Kumbayah thingy. Meanwhile, the former Bishop told the catechism class, "Mass is a supper, not a Sacrifice". Would you like references? I can supply them. I also know of a Mass in which the priest customarily wore a 'peace chasuble' with a huge hippie peace symbol on it. I think that he wore it with love beads but I'm not sure about that. Perhaps we should have a long debate on this list: did he include the love beads or not? Which could it be? I'm confident that others on this blog could give similar 'mythical' references. THey are mythical, perhaps, in the classical sense but not in the sense of being untrue.

    In the case of Anchorage, one must wonder why three priests (Kelber, Brundage, and Armand Nigro [not a 'spook']) have still not managed to offer one every-Sunday Mass among them. I realise that there are good reasons in two cases out of the three but Fr. Brundage also reports that other priests in the Archdiocese want to help with the task. So what's the problem? Why is this taking two or three years? Other underpopulated sees have the old Mass every Sunday: Rapid City, Dodge City now, Yakima, Cheyenne, Boise, Salt Lake City, Little Rock, Tulsa, Sioux Falls, Pensacola-Tallahassee, Owensboro, Wheeling-Charleston, and even Fairbanks, up at the North Pole. So what's the problem? To ask the question is to answer it.


  15. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Dear Mr. Mulligan:

    Thanks for your inforamtion. Unfortunately, though, an S.S.P.X Mass on fourth Sundays and a diocesan one on first Sundays--at different places--does not make for ONE SINGLE T.L.M. in all of the Archdiocese of Anchorage. This means that even Society supporters in that Archdiocese will have to repair to the Ruthenian Byzantine parishes. Fortunately, they are plentiful.

    I note that 97% of American faithful now live in a diocese which has a regularised every-Sunday Traditional Latin Mass. That means that the good people of Anchorage are among the other 3%. I encourage them, first of all, to make Fr. Brundage aware of the situation. As far as I can make out, he is a good priest who simply does not have the time to celebrate a Sunday Mass for them. But, as he has admitted, other priests have expressed an interest in doing so. Better late than never: it's time to train them.

    This 'fear' or 'concern' that the Traditional Latin Mass should be forbidden on Sundays as it might 'compete' with the New Mass is bunk and it is sinful bunk. It is nothing but an excuse to exclude and persecute people for adhering to the ancient Mass of all time. As Article 1 of S.P. says (listen up, liberals): The Traditional Latin Mass MUST "be given due honour for its ancient and venerable usage". That really means *daily* when possible, since all of the Mass has that same honour, and the Mass changes daily, not weekly. I've examined the Latin expression in the original. It IS mandatory; the translation to 'must' in the official English is quite accurate. It's interesting how the liberals are quick to enforce Pauline ordinances which forbid the Mass of the Ages, but when a conservative Pope reverse this, they simply ignore him!


  16. Anonymous12:05 AM

    "Fairy tales about Masses in slum neighborhoods"

    More like a night mare than a fairy tail. The FSSP were/are relegated to some rough hoods in the USA. I can think of Arkansas and St.Louis.


  17. Anonymous12:18 AM

    It's now time for His Holiness to put his foot down and clarify the meaning of Article 1 of "Summorum Pontificum". What does it mean to say that the Traditional Latin Mass *MUST* be given due honour for its ancient and venerable usage?

    It is time to express this in hard numbers. I suggest that, whenever possible, it means one DAILY Traditional Latin Mass in every Diocese on the planet earth, including all of those in the Central African Republic, Belize, East Timor, and Tanzania. Where faithful ASK for this Mass, the local Bishop should have an obligation to offer it at least on an every-Sunday basis and for holydays of obligation. Where he simply lacks the resources to do so, the P.C.E.D. should be given the authority to supply a priest from another diocese, to be sent, if possible, 'di imperio'.

    In the near term, this will not give us Masses every Sunday in most dioceses in Africa or India or Indonesia, or even Latin America. At first, it will likely only have this effect in Western Europe and Northern America, plus Australia, New Zealand and perhaps the Philippines. This is simply owing to the present distribution of F.S.S.P. and I.C.R. priests who could help with this, as well as diocesan priests who already know it well.

    In the long term, however, it could be a minimum standard everywhere, including the Congo, Iraq, Anchorage, and even Ireland. The Irish bishops, for some strange reason, think that they are immune from S.P. Did they get a vaccine against papal authority?

    I'm getting sick and tired of hearing from Bozo liberals telling us that our Mass would be 'divisive' or 'competitive' or 'regressive'. They'll think of any excuse they can, and when they run out, they are willing to make completely asinine suggestions. If they want to know where all the religious orders and Massgoers went over the last forty years, they need to look in a mirror. It wasn't the forbidden Latin Mass that made people run away from the Church as if they were fleeing from bubonic plague. The Traditinoal Latin Mass is not a threat to NewMass. Only New Mass has been noxious enough to drive people away from itself.


  18. Anonymous12:40 AM

    In reference to Finbar and clown Masses:

    A quick check on the internet, complete with pictures, finds a clown Mass with the celebrant dressed as Bozo himself. This would be Fr. Brian T. Joyce of Christ the King Parish of Pleasant Hill, California. There is a date of 1 September, 2002. Pure myth. It's mythical, since Finbar doesn't believe in it.

    Meanwhile, it was the mythical communicants who dressed up as the clowns they are in real life at St. James the Greater Church in Dogtown, St. Louis, on 17 March, 2004. The sillybrant was Fr. John Johnson. He forgot his costume on that occasion and came as a priest.

    Not to be overdone by the Yanks, the Swiss had a Mass around the same time in which the clown dressed as a clown and actually did a juggling act before the 'spectators'. They're an audience, don't you know, not a congregation. We can only hope that he was not juggling ciboria and chalices.

    I found these in two seconds. Of course, when I refer to 'clown Masses', I don't mean that all of them have priests dressed as clowns. For example, in one Mass in Monterey, California, the priest arrived at the sanctuary on a motorbike. Mr. Finbar would tell us that I am wrong to call this celebrant a clown, although I consider him to be that under the wider and popularly-accepted scope that term now has. No, he came to that Hallowe'en party as a motorcycle gang member, Mr. Finbar, not a clown. We must be as accurate as possible when priests are not dressed as clowns, even if the Host they bless is big enough to be a Dominos pizza and it is divided and munched by Altar hags in pantsuits who are standing in the background--in the sanctuary, of course.


  19. Anonymous12:49 AM

    The spookiest (whoops! Did I say spook?) of all references is the shrine in Austria to a 'rehabilitated' 'Saint' Judas Iscariot. The statue of this 'saint' is done in a modernistic sculpture in which this excruciating twisted figure is rising out of the floor, as if from Hell itself (suggestion of universal salvation, no doubt). I'm not making this up. It's NOT mythical. There were outraged reports about it some years ago and lots of on-line pictures to prove it.

    I suggest that this is a good symbol for the entire reform movement following Vatican II. This movement indeed rises up from the underworld and takes possession of the sanctuary of the Lord.

    I suggest this shrine be blown sky-high, using C4. It should then be dug up down to its foundations and the topsoil removed and sown with salt.


  20. elmwood1:17 AM

    i belong to this diocese and attend an eastern rite liturgy because of no tridentine mass on sunday. wasilla is a 1 hour drive from anchorage which makes it inconvenient. we had a fssp priest in our diocese but he was forced to leave because he didn't get along with the bishop. there is an sspx chapel that offers mass once a month in anchorage. the dominican priest would like to offer the dominican rite mass on sunday but i don't think he can do so. not sure if its because of the bishop or prior.

  21. Ponte2:23 AM

    Old Believer,
    I chuckled at your comment and feel like a bit of a nerd because I immediately knew what you were talking about.

  22. -It reminds me of the "Unknown Comic" routine from the Gong Show.-

    Oh man, that one hit me hard. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  23. Anonymous5:06 AM

    On the topic of the Bogus Ordo and clown Masses, I forgot to mention the fact that a parish priest in my Diocese puts pumpkins on the Altar at Hallowe'en. Boo! The Holy Ghost is not the only ghost in town on that night.

    The Altar at that church (and another one I can think of at another parish) is on wheels, just like a tea tray. We call it the tea tray Altar (we call the N.O. table sans wheels the ironing board altars). At Oktoberfest, the priest wheels the tea tray Altar out of the sanctuary and replaces it with a complete bandstand. Then he clears the chairs out of the nave and it becomes the dance floor. They have to move the potted plants for this. They are there to replace the old statues.

    That particular church also has one statue in a Eucharistic chapel. It is supposed to be our Lady but you'd never recognise her. She looks more like a hippie girl from 1969, all ready to hop into a V.W. van and take a trip (in more ways than one) across the continent.

    Why is it that such abuses are never present at the Latin Mass? Let's do a 'study' to answer that one. For $100,000 a year, I'm willing to serve as chairman of a board of inquiry. It'll be just like the phoney baloney jobs in the I.C.E.L. What could have taken two days and a photocopier takes a team of liberals seven years five days a week--and all to come upon with a bad product.


  24. Anonymous4:28 PM

    If priests keep asking permission to say the Mass in the Extraordinary form, they will keep being denied. They must exercise their right to celebrate it, and willingly suffer the persecution of their bishop and fellow clerics. A little of the fortitude that priests encourage the laity to practice, who must face more severe rejection from the secular world, would do our priests much. St. John Vianney didn't start off being very popular.

  25. I find the priest's reply to the following question interesting?

    Why do you think people want this form of the Mass celebrated?
    I think the answer to this might be, in part, generational. For older folks who grew-up with this form of the Mass, some of them sincerely miss it. For younger folks who did not grow-up with it (I put myself into this camp!), the Tridentine rite is compelling because of its great stress on the sacred nature of the Body and Blood of the Lord.(and then he goes on to say) This is not to deny that the ordinary rite does not have the same stress, but it is emphasized in different ways in different rites.

    Res ipsa loquitur!

    Good luck with the effort to have a Sunday TLM. Perhaps one way is to ensure that the TLM community can organise a Solemn High TLM byb having a suitably prepared choir and altar servers.

    Then invite the Bishop to preach at the Mass. I am sure he would appreciate it.

    In caritate Xp.,

    Bryan Dunne

  26. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Thank you Carlos Antonio Palad for your post, and thank you to everyone else for your helpful suggestions and prayers. We have a beautiful schola and servers. What we need most are more generous, holy priests like Fr. Brundage, who are willing to say the EF. Fr. Tom Brundage is the Judicial Vicar for the entire Archdiocese of Anchorage. That job is enough to keep three priests busy full time. But he also has his own parish, plus he serves the Parish in Valdez Alaska and others. (Google his hometown Palmer, Alaska and Valdez, Alaska to get a sense of his travels.) I still don't have any explanation for how he gets so much accomplished short of bi-location and exemplary generosity. And unfortunately, Fr. Tom is only here on loan from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. So again, if you know of any priest who can say the EF and who has an adventuresome spirit, please let us know by leaving a comment at
    God bless,
    Les Syren (Fr. Tom's Server in post above) and
    Archdiocese of Anchorage Liaison for Latin Mass Community

  27. Anonymous1:36 AM

    After reading the interview of Fr. Brundage carefully, it becomes clear that he is doing what he can to deliver the ancient Mass in the Archdiocese, but that, in the past, there has been some opposition from diocesan priests. It would appear that he is now urging a reconsideration of the matter. I have been in contact with him off and on for some time and I will send along some statistics which might help him convince others that our Mass is now a normal part of most dioceses. For example, today, in the U.S.A., about 97% of faithful live in a see which has at least one every-Sunday T.L.M. Considering that Anchorage is a metropoliltan archdiocese and that one of its suffragan sees, Fairbanks, already has such a Mass, it would surely be normal and appropriate to arrange for its celebration every Sunday. I am supposing that the best route here would be to train some local priests. According to Fr. Brundage, there is evidence that some of them in Anchorage do indeed wish to learn the ancient Mass.

    I shall certainly be praying for Frs. Brundage and the priests of his Archdiocese. If the Diocese of Dodge City can have such a Mass every Sunday and Monday, why not Anchorage?


  28. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I don't know if anybody is still reading this thread; I've been on a retreat. Please don't call our priests who say the Latin Mass "idiots". Fr. Kelber OP taught himself the Dominican rite on his DAY OFF as a gift for the diocese. I haven't had a chance to go to Fr Brundage's Mass yet because I garbled the dates, but he also spent a lot of his own time learning it. And Fr. Nigro no longer lives in Alaska. All three are good and holy priests, who have taken vows of obedience. Now whether those vows are to the bishop or the Holy Father -- I am not enough of a theologian/canon lawyer to understand. I believe they want to say Mass on Sundays, but are snarled up in their vows. One priest who disliked the Latin Mass has been promoted to something or other in Wash DC, so maybe the bishop will become more amenable to the EF on Sundays. Pray for us - we need it - but please do NOT call the best of our priests "idiots". They are not.



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