Rorate Caeli
Dom Gérard Calvet, O.S.B.
Fondateur - Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat ei.
Requiescat in pace.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    He (with the support of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre) rescued Benedictine monastic life from the garbage pit of Vatican II and it's reforms.

    May he rest in peace. May God bless this good and faithful servant of the Lord.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    True to his monastic heart and interior spirit first formed in the school of Maslacq conducted by the Andre Charlier, Dom Gerard has not been in the spotlight of the so called traditional movement, or the (legitimate) reform of the liturgy. But all along his has been the prayerful and poetic heart of the monk who works in silence for the Church. This is sad day for me, sweetly sad, as I recall the day in France, at Le Barroux, in 1983, when Dom Gerard clothed me in the black scapular as an Oblate. As he once said of my loved ones, now I am certain that he soon flies to Heaven and the jubilation of his reward.


  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    The story of Le Barroux is a great inspiration. May God reward Dom Gerard and give him, in exchange for the monastic tonsure, a crown of glory. Amen.

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Requiescat in pace.
    The faithful from Poland (Poznan)

  5. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I may be coming to Poland in September,to teach, in Torun. For the first time. Looking forward to it.

    God bless.

  6. Anonymous1:00 AM

    A truely holy man. I met him once and was deeply moved by his souls searching gaze. He was able to look and truely see the person he was speaking with.
    I am not easily impressed let me tell you. He was a man with a deep grasp of reality. A brave man in that he understood obedience to the rule and monastic life sometimes means being at variance with a particular community. He was a true monastic reformer.
    Every action we take or fail to take has a repercussion!

  7. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Those of us who were given the grace to know Dom Gerard will always have great reason to thank God. I wish to personally acknowledge my gratitude for his immense personal courage and fidelity to the monastic life, his tireless efforts to form us in the traditional spirituality of the liturgy, his prophetic witness to the perennial truth that God must be loved and served above all others, his fatherly heart always ready to welcome us, to advise us, to teach us and to bless us. On a personal note, I shall always be grateful for the fact that he clothed as an oblate. Now he has died, we know that the great work that God had begun in the solitude of one heart has been secured for coming generations as yet another founder has faithfully transmitted those truths which time cannot alter. I hope to be with the community at the Requiem on Monday.

    Fr Andrew Wadsworth.

  8. Dom Gerard Calvet (RIP) recognised very well the pitiful response of French Bishops to Ecclesia Dei of John Paul II, as elsewhere and also understood the hypocrisy of the modernists in The Church who cry religious liberty and welcome the fullness of charisms of The Holy Ghost represented by the differing liturgical formats except that is for The Holy Mass in Latin. Two out of many of his personal questions cannot be forgotten in regard to NO service -

    "And, in any event, are we really sure that there is only one [form] of this liturgy? In how many French parishes is Paul VI's liturgy still celebrated in strict conformity with the 1970 edition of the Missal?" (Address by Dom Gerard Calvet at Ecclesia Dei Anniversary 1998 Nov).

    The reply to those is as we observe today - there are potentially myriads of forms of the "vernacular only" rite and some 75% of French parishes have disappeared since the new rite first made its appearance. Of those remaining, it would be difficult to find two identical NO services on a Sunday in those parishes which remain. I certainly was never able to.

    May he be blessed with Archbishop Lefebvre for having preserved Roman Catholic Tradition in France.


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