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Dedication of Diocesan Church for the Traditional Roman Rite
Diocese of Venice, Florida

A reader sends us the report of the ceremony of the Dedication of a diocesan Church for the exclusive use of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in Sarasota, Florida (Diocese of Venice). Congratulations to Bishop Dewane for his obedience to the Pope in the matter of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum (quite rare in the dioceses of Florida, particularly, as is publicly known, in the large neighboring Diocese of Saint Petersburg), as well as to the persistent Traditional Catholic community in Sarasota.
On April 19, 2009 Bishop Frank J. Dewane of the Diocese of Venice in Florida Dedicated Christ the King Church in Sarasota, the first church in Florida which will administer the Sacraments exclusively according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Over 400 people were on hand for the Dedication-- and the Mass in the Presence of a Mitred Bishop.

The celebrant was Father James Fryar, FSSP. Also assisting were clergy and seminarians of the FSSP, as well as Father Robert Tatman of the Quasi-Parish of Ave Maria Oratory, and Father Fausto Stampigilia, SAC.

The choir included Dr. Susan Treacy and many members of the Ave Maria University Schola. This was, to our records, the ‘highest’ Extraordinary Form Mass in over 40 years in the state of Florida. Bishop Dewane graciously stayed to chat with the parishioners and visitors for the reception which followed.


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Sarasota is extremely fortunate to have Fr. Fryar (I realize he has been there for some time now). He is an exemplary priest - humble, inspiring and highly intelligent. His love for the faithful and children in particular is evident immediately upon meeting him. My children miss him dearly. He's also a terrific dinner guest.

    I am grateful this good bishop has responded favorably to our Holy Father in SP. God bless Sarasota, her bishop, Fr. Fryar and his parish.


  2. Xavier,

    You are so right, we are blessed to have Fr Fryar here. He has worked tirelessly to pull all of this together.

    It also should not be overlooked that our bishop here invited the FSSP into the diocese of Venice prior to SP's release, shortly after his installation as bishop. Actually, Fr Fryar's first Sunday Mass in Sarasota was on the weekend of SP's release. H.E. Bishop Dewane has been so generous to us, and we are ever so grateful.

    Two short years ago nobody within our community would have ever thought this possible.

    God Bless

  3. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I praise the joy for Sarasota also for gaining Fr. Fryar, I am an FSSP parishioner at St. Stephen's in Sacramento and welcome you and in short have found certain holiness in Father; he enthroned my home and is a good priest. God Bless You. Nancy

  4. Que bendición saber de usted
    padre J Fryar.
    Que alegría saber que esta trabajando arduamente en los trabajos del padre celestial..
    gracias por hacer posible que el cielo y la tierra se unan en oración..
    gracias por irradiar la presencia de Cristo en este mundo sin Dios..
    Gracias por nuestra amada misa de siempre..
    gracias por su existencia bendita..
    gracias por su Sr Obispo.
    que Dios les colme de eternas Bendiciones hoy y siempre.


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