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A Vatican II Moment: the "Pre-Party Mass"

In the Archiocese of Maringá, Brazil. The novel way of the entrance of the Gospel is quite interesting (1 minute into the video).

Contacted by a concerned Catholic by e-mail, the Archbishop of Maringá responded thus:
The pre-party masses are the mass of the Roman Ritual [sic] which all of us Roman Apostolic Catholics celebrate. It is just celebrated with certain symbols, dances, for young people... [sic]

No one needs to be scandalized by this... [sic]

God bless you!!

Abp. Anuar Battisti
[Source: Fratres in Unum; tip and translation: reader]


Sasha said...

Que horror!

awatkins909 said...

Lord have mercy!!!!

Anonymous said...


Sad to say, but I live in this archdiocese. There is no TLM in Maringá.

These masses are common and well known here.

Unknown said...

Sad to report Luiz unless you are graced with an SSPX priest the bishop there will ensure that you remain without The Latin Mass of All Time. Meanwhile, The Vatican will do strictly nothing to help you because in all honesty this is what they approve of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks God a Divine Liturgy (ukrainian-catholic) is celebrated twice a month in a small chapel here. We also have contacts with the benedictine monks of Nova Friburgo, friends of the SSPX.

There is no TLM in our Archdiocese, however our Archbishop is not (openly) opposed to it, as long as we ourselves find a priest willing to celebrate it. But that is the very problem. There is no such a priest. And then it remains the question of doctrine, because we don't want a TLM celebrated by a heterodox priest (and our Archdiocese is mainly influenced by Liberation Theology and the Charismatic Renewal Movement; Ecumenical meetings are also common and each year there is an event called "Noite de Oração pela paz", i.e. "Night of Prayer for Peace", in which lutherans, buddhists, kardecists, muslims and catholics - including our Archbishop - get together in order to pray for the peace... I always wonder to whom they pray... I digress...).

Liturgical abuses here are the rule.

Anonymous said...

You might be interested (and saddened) to see these two videos from the Redemptorist Church, Limerick, Ireland - Novena 2010.

AND a protestant woman minister proclaiming the Gospel AND preaching at the Novena!

Anonymous said...

More hermeneutic of continuity.

Paul Haley said...

Very disturbing to say the least. If this is the "new springtime" pray for winter!

Anonymous said...

Such are the fruits of World Youth Day, initiated by Pope John Paul II in 1985 and continued by Benedict XVI.

Shame, shame, shame.

Anonymous said...

While they may like this they are 1 % if that. The other 99 % are horribly offended. Is it worth it? How selfish is the Parish and Pastor? He should end it in the best interest of the Church. ALL of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. Thank God for the SSPX!