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Do this in whose memory?...

No shame. No rules. No sobriety. No propriety. No sense of ridicule. No respect for God, for the living, and for the dead. Novus Ordo.

At Mass on Sunday morning in Giglio's main church, which opened its doors to the evacuees [of the cruise ship that ran aground the Tuscan island] Friday night, altar boys and girls brought up to the altar a life vest, a rope, a rescue helmet, a plastic tarp and some bread.

Don Lorenzo, the parish priest, told the faithful that he wanted to make this admittedly "different" offering to God as a memory of what had transpired.

He said each one carried powerful symbolic meaning for what happened on Friday night: the bread that multiplied to feed the survivors, the rope that pulled people to safety, the life vest and helmet that protected them, and the plastic tarp that kept cold bodies warm. "Our community, our island will never be the same," he told the few dozen islanders gathered for Mass.

[At least the altar rail in that church was never removed - this image is from outside the sanctuary. Source; tip: Angelqueen]


  1. When will Rome correct these abuses that are part and parcel of the Novus Ordo, and render unto God what is God's? When will Rome teach the truth: that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is to be directed to Almighty God by man; it is not to be directed to man by man.

  2. In the Mass of the socialization everything is possible. It is not the Novus Ordo but the new mind that create the Novus Ordo developing this new liturgical conception (socialization instead of the Mass as the best catechesis teached by Council of Trent) and origin abuse after abuse. You need fight the cause not the effect to finish all abuse.

  3. Barabus10:39 PM

    It's traditional - there's an altar rail.

  4. They strive so hard to make it meaningful because they have lost sight of what the Mass is. They have no clue as to what they are supposed to celebrate much less the four ends for which the Mass is offered.

  5. Brian, you surely came to the wrong blog.

  6. Oh look, subdeacons!

  7. He wanted to offer something "different" to God.

    So did Cain.

    God has told us what is an acceptable sacrifice. We ignore this at our peril.

  8. Mike O1:01 AM

    Sad, very sad. We need prayer and sacrifice for priests and bishops, and for the Holy Father.

  9. Oremus1:11 AM

    NO Masses are like fingerprints. No two are ever exactly alike.

  10. Oremus, yours should be the "Comment of the Month"!

  11. Dear badmouthed commentator,

    There are many traditional ways to remember the dead: by praying for their souls, perhaps. There are many traditional ways to remember the survivors: with a Te Deum, perhaps. Making things up during the Holy Sacrifice does not honor anyone, does not allow the offering of oblations for the souls of the deceased, and does not honor the Church and her rules. If the "presider" wishes to make things up, things that are not foreseen anywhere, he can do so outside the Mass.


  12. Brian1:40 PM

    "Meaningful" in ways that Don Lorenzo, the parish priest, cannot begin to understand.

    (not the "Brian" of NC's 23:28)

  13. Hey, it could have been worse- it WAS a cruise ship!

    Blech. Did any of the parishioners get up and leave?

  14. A solemn Mass of the dead in the Extraordinary form (perhaps playing Mozart's Requiem in D-minor), with the Priest wearing black vestments, would have been a profound way to honor the dead.

    Instead, all they did was dishonor the dead--similar to when a virgin dishonors her virtue when she becomes a harlot--with their charlatan, tinseltown shenanigans.

    Is this what Christ died on the cross for? To be offered rope?

  15. Anonymous9:33 PM

    This is what happens when the Mass is abused for a senseless search for popularity.

    How very Vatican II. Can't imagine Rome stopping such antics. Not yet.


  16. Let us then, as New Catholic seems to suggest, have at least the solidarity with the [good] intentions of these people and pray for the victims and survivors of this tragedy.

  17. When the signal was given for liturgical banality well nigh on forty years ago it is only to be expected that banality would continue, and get worse as each decade passed by.

    This is laughable and stupid, of course, but when one has been fed a steady diet of this stuff for nearly two generations it is simply what one comes to expect from such priests and faithful.

    But Rome keeps fiddling nevertheless. A Captain-less ship will simply float around the seas and eventually get completely lost.

  18. Quote:

    "No shame. No rules. No sobriety. No propriety. No sense of redicule. No respect for God, for the living, and for the dead. Novus ordo."

    People died on that ship, and yet I see no concern whatsoever here that this happened. Rather, the situation at this church is used to bash a priest of the Church, and the Mass. For shame.


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