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Message of the Superior of the French District of the Society of St. Pius X

Father R. de Cacqueray, Superior of the District of France, the largest district of the Society of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), issued the following communiqué this evening, inviting his priests and faithful to silence and prayer:

"All these were persevering with one mind in prayer with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren." Act. I, 14.        

 On this day of the Ascension, the apostles reassembled gently around the Blessed Virgin Mary to enter the Cenacle where they would persevere in prayer up until the feast of Pentecost. That is the example that is left by the Queen of all Saints and by those who were the columns of the Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Was that not what they should have done in the night of Agony and on Good Friday in order to prevent their desertion and their dispersal? I therefore invite all members of the Society that are in the District [of France], all the faithful, and all those who care for them to gather in this same detachment and with this same prayerfulness around Our Lady of the Clergy, up until the Feast of Pentecost. In such dire circumstances, truth is made known to the souls who humble themselves before God, those who quiet down their passions and their inner excitement, in order to have no other thirst than that for the truth of God and no other will than His own.

I dare make the request, during these days that precede the Feast of Pentecost, that those responsible for forums accept to close them down. If they leave them open, may their readers abstain from visiting them and, if they nevertheless visit them, that they do not expect to find truth in the myriad of messages exchanged therein.

Let us even try to abstain from the Internet (an excellent penance to be offered!) and let us use the time that will be thus gained to read again the great books of Archbishop Lefebvre. Let us pray more and better by concluding with fervor the great Rosary Crusade requested by our Superior General. Let us join to our prayers our penance, as the Blessed Virgin Mary always told us to do! Priests, brothers, religious men and women, let us show by example! Let us ask the Good God for forgiveness for our sins from all our heart and let us live in the state of grace. Let us bear with patience the sacrifices of our daily life. Let us not neglect our duty of state because all will have been lost then. Let us give generously to God something of our very selves that costs us somewhat in order to bind ourselves more firmly to Him.

We are living through a great test. But Our Lord is always present in the barque even when the storm is lashed out and when it seems to destroy it. Let us not fear if Our Lord seems to sleep again because, in reality, he does not cease to keep watch over us. We believe this with all our soul. Which is why we must remain serene within ourselves, quite certain that the Good God keeps watch over us.

Let us appeal to Heaven for our Superior General, for his Assistants, for our bishops, so that the graces of light and strength of which they have need may be granted to them so that they main remain firm in the good combat of the Faith in so dire circumstances. We owe our four bishops an immense debt of gratitude and we beseech the Good God to give us the joy of celebrating, on June 30, 2013, the beautiful silver jubilee of their episcopacy.

Let us also ask for graces for ourselves and for each other, we have the greatest need of it. In all the houses of the Society, we begin this evening the novena of the "Veni Creator" sung until the feast of Pentecost and which you may join.

By inviting you to conclude with the greatest fervor the great Rosary Crusade requested by our Superior General and expecting the joy of finding you all on the road to Orleans [the SSPX Pentecost pilgrimage] to celebrate our Joan, we entrust you all to the Dolorous and Immaculate Heart of Mary,  

Father Régis de Cacqueray, Superior of the District of France of the SSPX
[Source: La Porte Latine, in French]


  1. I heartily endorse Fr. de Cacqueray's appeal. At the same time, I was charmed and intrigued by his address to the priests and religious, in words that sound like a blast from the past: "Frenchmen, Frenchwomen, I ask you to give the project which is submitted to you an immense approval..."

    May the outcome to the current appeal be more unanimous, and may no SSPX version of the OAS rear its head.

  2. Very good idea, and boy, that will be penance!

  3. Caleb5:28 PM

    Very hard to know where Fr de Cacqueray stands from what he says. Let us just do as he says, and pray in silence.

  4. Francis5:33 PM

    NC, I was wondering if you could post this. The sodomites and their liberal allies are targeting a traditional Monsignor here in Massachusetts because of his affirmation of Catholic teaching. Please keep Monsignor O'Connor and St. Francis Xavier parish in your prayers.

  5. Connie5:37 PM

    Perhaps Rorate could post articles/news but shut off the comments? At least until after Pentecost. Just a thought....

  6. Father R. de Cacqueray, Superior of the District of France said:

    "Let us bear with patience the sacrifices of our daily life"


    How many seasons
    Have come and gone
    Many a sunset
    Many a dawn.

    Many communions
    Many processions
    Many a sin I have
    For confessions.

    How many seasons
    A second in time
    Where anguished we wait
    No reason or rhyme.

    Fish live in water
    In water comply
    Time we are biding
    Or too fast goes by.

    We do not relish
    Our world like the fish
    Who swims in his pond
    While we pray and we wish.

    How many seasons
    Will time be our friend?
    When we realize we’re made
    For the world without end!

    Pray much!

  7. As someone who has followed SSPX's public pronouncements for nearly thirty-five years, I find this one very interesting for what it does NOT say: "I, Abbé de Cacqureray heartily endorse the SSPX deal for the following reasons..."

    He is not really addressing what is in fact on everybody's mind.

    Instead, he is doing what we used to call (when we were in SSPX) "talking about the weather."

    When some disputed issue came up (relations with the Vatican, some local controversy, etc.) and a superior did not know which way the party line would eventually go, he would ensure his survival by talking about the weather or urging prayers, neither of which could possibly offend anyone.

    When the line came down from on high, of course, the superior would then know what to think and what to write: "X had ALWAYS been the Society's position and that of Mgr. Lefebvre, and anything else does not represent a true Catholic spirit," etc. etc.

    So, based on my past observations of the SSPX "stylus curiae," my guess is that Abbé de Caqueray, despite earlier article in Fideliter about "illusions," will go whichever way Bp. Fellay tells him to go.

    I think the Superior General need lose no sleep over what the District Superior of France will do.

  8. The concept is good, Connie, but our comment threads are not exactly regular forums, right? And they are thoroughly moderated.

    Hopefully, this measure will not be necessary.

    Thank you,


  9. SSPXer in UK6:08 PM

    Ignis Ardens has complied with the request of the Superior of the French SSPX District.

    1. F.B Scandinavia9:21 PM

      Deo gratias! May God bless them for this!

  10. In November we reach the Society's 20th anniversary and I am intimately convinced that it is the Society which represents what the Good Lord wants, to continue and maintain the Faith, maintain the truth of the Church, maintain what can still be saved in the Church, thanks to the bishops grouped around the Superior General, playing their indispensable part, of guardians of the Faith, of preachers of the Faith, giving the grace of the priesthood, the grace of Confirmation, things that are irreplaceable and absolutely necessary.
    So all that is highly consoling. I think we should thank God, and enable it to carry on, so that one day people are forced to recognize that although the Visitation of 1987 bore little fruit[.....] However, one day they will be obliged to recognize that the Society represents a spiritual force and a strength of the Faith which is irreplaceable and which they will have, I hope, the joy and the satisfaction to make use of, but when they have come back to their Traditional Faith.
    (Archbishop Lefebvre Econe September 6th 1990)

  11. The financial supporters of this blog will not likely allow it to be shut down until Pentacost (I think that Fr. de Cacqueray meant blogs as well as forums).

    Of course we should all abstain from reading anything having to do with the SSPX until after Pentacost. But those who have certain addictions to viewing negative media will persevere in promoting and reading negative issues. Such people who promote negativity are not likely to be in a state of grace. It would be much better for them to spend time in prayer and penance.

  12. Better to pray for God's Holy Will and maintain silence than to stir up the postmodenist mediated mud by making wasteful public statements.

    Prayer, Sacrifice, Penance!

    Archbishop lefebvre was insistent on this aspect of Our Lady of Fatima's intentions.

  13. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Enock, you're batting .000 today brother. There's no such thing as a financial supporter of this blog. We are not given, nor do we accept, any financial donations for our work. You're simply insulting people who give you this service for free.

  14. This blog has financial supporters?

  15. Merci de votre bon conseil Abbe Regis de Cacqueray -

    "Implorons le Ciel pour notre Supérieur Général, pour ses Assistants, pour nos évêques afin que leur soit accordé les grâces de lumière et de force dont ils ont besoin pour demeurer fermes dans le bon combat de la Foi, en ces circonstances si difficiles. Nous devons une immense reconnaissance à nos quatre évêques et nous supplions le Bon Dieu, le 30 juin 2013, de nous donner la joie de leur fêter le beau jubilé d’argent de leur épiscopat."

    Indeed, as Archbishop Lefebvre appealed in September 1990 that his confreres "to continue and maintain the Faith, maintain the truth of the Church, maintain what can still be saved in the Church, thanks to the bishops grouped around the Superior General, playing their indispensable part, of guardians of the Faith, of preachers of the Faith, giving the grace of the priesthood, the grace of Confirmation, things that are irreplaceable and absolutely necessary."

    The nature of that appeal has not altered one iota since he spoke these words.

  16. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I really do not think that Prayer to and close to the Mother of God is talking about the weather.

  17. And now to resume, as Abbe Regis de Cacqueray asks - a fast from the Internet until Pentecost [from the rumours and the rumours about rumours].

  18. R. John6:42 PM

    Fr. Cekada,

    Maybe Fr. Cacqureray realizes, unlike some former SSPX members, that the will of God for them is to obey their superior in all that is not sinful.

    I guess those who don't understand that God works from the top down, not the bottom up, and who refuse to obey lawful commands of their superior, and who instead prefer to rebel against them (stealing property in the process), may not understand why an inferior would obeys his superior. Such people will be puzzled by religious obedience to their superiors.

  19. "This blog has financial supporters?"

    Ha, I mean, I thank Google for hosting it in its Blogger platform. So maybe he means Google's financial supporters (i.e. everyone clicking on their ads elsewhere)? Could it be the vast worldwide conspiracy?


  20. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Actually, this is why I became a contributor. I'm secretly making millions on the side. I'm about to quit my dayjob!

  21. Ora et Labora7:05 PM

    I am very nervous right now!

    Can I suggest that we TRIPLE OUR PRAYERS,we are experiencing a major fight between the forces of good and evil at this very hour.

    Those in the liberal camp in the Church are pulling strings so that Tradition will be stop from thriving in the Church and many in the Society are not happy aabout reconciliation either.

    Mary Help of Christians pray for us!!!

  22. Dont't be nervous. All will be well. We are under the protection of the Lord of History and of His angels.

    But pray, by all means, prayers are never lost.


  23. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Jordanes551 said...
    This blog has financial supporters?

    Of course it does. Aren't we always giving you our two cents?

    - DJR

  24. John R.

    Under canon law, SSPX never was anything more than a pious union, an entity the old Code classified under "Associations of the Laity." Examples: The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

    The idea that it is or EVER was anything like a religious order is an urban legend. I wrote a little study about this, "The Legal Status of the SSPX and Its Former Members," which you can probably find on the Internet somewhere.

    So Bp. Fellay or Fr. de Cacqueray invoking "religious obedience" doesn't fly. They're not true religious superiors anyway.

    And moreover, I belonged to a 900-year-old religious order before I entered SSPX, so I know a thing or two about how orders are SUPPOSED to run and how obedience is supposed to work.

    I would have been utterly inconceivable for the Abbot General to enter into a global agreement that would change the status of the order (like the Fellay/Vatican accord) unless he had the consent of the General Chapter and unless the matter had been fully discussed at all levels.

    None of this was considered contrary to religious obedience. You were a member of the Order, and you had a right and an interest in discussing all important matters that affected the Order.

    SSPX has NEVER operated this way. The party line is issued from the top down, without real debate. And the internal legal structure of the organization is such that a member who disagrees has no rights whatsoever. He gets sent to India or Saskatoon.

    So what may very well CAUSE splits in SSPX over the agreement now is that Bp. Fellay is handing it down from on high and invoking "obedience" to stifle discussion.

    The irony is that the Vatican will insist that a reintegrated SSPX follows the same canonical principles that other religious institutes follow, rendering rule by ukase impossible in the future — a feature of the "Apostolic Pineapple" that Bp. Fellay might find a bit too spiny for his taste!

    (And on the property dispute, please just read my article The Nine vs. Lefebvre.)

  25. wow. just wow.7:55 PM

    Wow, what an pompous person. And you are really a priest? Are you one of the ones who got tossed out of the Society for disobedience? You seem to have a problem finding an order that suits you.

    I thought there was a priest shortage in your vatican rerun church. Don't you have a parish to run?? Pro-life work? Catechism?? Is that you, Father Zuhlsdorf??

  26. Fr. Cekada is right that asking the faithful to pray will never offend anyone. What is interesting, though, is that thus far I've not seen the opponents of an SSPX-Rome deal call for prayers at all. (I don't mean to imply that I'm including Fr. Cekada among this number because he doesn't really have a pony in this race.) Instead, they talk about Jewish/Freemasonic conspiracies, how Bp. Fellay's willingness to deal with Rome shows that he is not a friend of tradition and perhaps never was, etc. Why is it that only those who have not publicly opposed the regularization have called for fervent prayer from the faithful?

  27. Wow, what an pompous person. And you are really a priest? Are you one of the ones who got tossed out of the Society for disobedience? You seem to have a problem finding an order that suits you.

    I thought there was a priest shortage in your vatican rerun church. Don't you have a parish to run?? Pro-life work? Catechism?? Is that you, Father Zuhlsdorf??

    I'm sure both Fr. Zuhlsdorf and Fr. Cekada will have a long chuckle over that case of mistaken identity.

  28. R. John8:40 PM

    DCS wrote: "Why is it that only those who have not publicly opposed the regularization have called for fervent prayer from the faithful?"

    Indeed, if you discern the spirits involved, it is quite revealing. On the one hand you have have lies, calumny, detraction and the publication of private letters, along with Fr. Moderator (and others) with his usual bitterness and general imaturity fomenting division and encouraging the masses to rise up. He even posted a comment using the revolutionary term "power of the people" a few days ago. There is no way this is from God.

    On the other hand, you have Bp Fellay conducting himself with calmness, maturity and grace, placing his complete trust in God, and handling this under the protection of a Rosary Crusade.

    The former is trusting in lies, calumny and rebellion, while the latter has placed his trust in God.

    It could not be more clear that the devil and his agents are against this agreement.

  29. Fr. Cekada,

    Not sure I follow what you're saying here in regard to "rights." The members of the Society do appear to have the right to express their opinions. The unfortunately-leaked letters would confirm this. The Superior can and should take all input seriously. But at the end of the day, someone has to be responsible for taking a decision. As you concede, in the SSPX, that someone is the Superior General.

    You may also be correct that other "orders" allow a larger role for their General Chapters. I suspect (but do not know) that in Lefebvre's mind, the structure of the Society needed to be a bit more "restrictive" because of the risk of going beyond the limits justified by the "supplied jurisdiction" argument, and too far in the direction of formal schism and empty-chairism. A fear that was, unfortunately, confirmed by the behavior of several individuals over the past years.

  30. Also, Father, I know you don't accept the "supplied jurisdiction" argument. No need to elaborate on that, or start a discussion about it.

  31. I fail to understand why "Father" Anthony Cekada has any right to express an opinion on this issue. He denies that our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is really pope. As far as I am concerned, he has cut himself off from the Church by becoming a sedevacantist. Why should anyone give credence to someone who is no longer Catjholic and definitely has an axe to grind on this issue?

  32. Ad Altare Dei11:52 PM


    Well said! I give no credence to what the sedevacantists say. That being said, in Fr. Cekada's defense, the use of your quotations around Father is misplaced as he is a validly ordained priest ordained by His Grace, Archbishop Lefebvre).

  33. Johannes de Silentio12:34 AM

    Aside from my own prayers, I am nothing more than a passive observer of these matters.

    But what baffles me is that some within the Society would seriously consider sedevacantism (presuming that they do not already subscribe to that position) in response to an agreement between the Vatican and the Society. This is beyond all reason. Indeed, to resign oneself to sedevacantism just because an agreement has been reached would be the ultimate "practical" way of reconciling one's beliefs with one's practices. I have to think that Bishop Williamson et al have more intellectual integrity than that!

  34. Very sorry, Father, but doctrinal propaganda of that kind cannot be allowed here.

    Thank you,


  35. Sedevacantists, just like most traditionalists, or maybe even more so, want it all back.

    We want the Tridentine Mass returned to all Catholic churches.

    We want Eucharistic processions down the streets of small towns.

    We want Catholic universities to worship Christ instead of football.

    We want Catholic hospitals to put crucifixes back on the walls, with religious tending to the sick (and lowering health care costs in the process!)

    We want Catholic schools that families can afford, instead of $10K per year high schools that automatically put limits on family size.

    We want Catholic priests that are not too timid to preach the fullness of the Faith and conversion to the true Church of Christ.

    We want a Cathlic hierarchy that we can look up to and keep the peace among the faithful and religious.

    We want back what was lost in the years that followed Vatican II.

    In the meantime, we wait and we pray.

  36. prayers, many prayers and sacrifices are necessary for a union of love

    thanks for sharing this...

  37. Many prayers of love and sacrifice. I pray for unity. Thanks for posting this and keep the combox open.

  38. Tonight at mass(a TLM) in Nashville,Tn., the priest in his homily ask that we pray a novena and a rosary each day until Pentecost for the successful outcome of the deliberations concerning SSPX. This is a regular mass of the Diocese of Nashville, not an SSPX chapel.

  39. Sidney Jude, TO/SSPX3:16 AM

    jlh, God bless your pastor! I am continuing to pray and offer little sacrifices throughout each day for the intention of the SSPX, of all our bishops, and also for our Holy Father, who cannot be having an easy time of it, either. Pray, pray, pray!

  40. Peterman3:49 AM

    But Nibbler the seat is not vacant currently.

    The current pope was correctly elected Pope. I don't care about all the Paul VI body doubles, John XXII being a freemason, JP2 and the intrigue becoming pope after previous pope served just 33 days, or of Pope Gregory, all that is water under the bridge if the current pope is correctly nominated as the pope which he was and he has not denied any dogma. So what the he-double hockey sticks is a sedevacantist? The seat is not vacant. Go read Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich, she even describes Pope Benedict.

  41. Barbara4:16 AM

    That is so funny Enoch!

    Yes, with all the "2cents" contributed here Rorate must be worth a mint!

    Liked your comments LeonG. Nice to see you back! I remember your deep love for Holy Mass very well. Now what happened to Delphina another one that I miss? Hope she's alright...


  42. fr Cekada is correct - The SSPX is an association of the faithful not a religious order. This is a point I made earlier which was published and then removed on another posting. This means the notion of superior authority cannot be reliably the same as for the regular situation of the hierarchical community under the abbot or another office assuming total authority. Furthermore, Archbishop lefebvre made "thankful" reference some time after the consecrations to the bishops gathered around their Superior propagating The Traditional Roman Catholic Sacraments. he never at any time, as far as I recall from his writings, ever vested in the Superior general supreme authority to make such a decision as now without some form of consensus building implied by his reference above. It seems unimaginable that Bishop Fellay has not done that already in such circumstances. If he has not then it would be a serious lapse of judgement.

  43. P.K.T.P.2:01 PM

    There is a meeting between the Pope and Levada this afternoon, acc. to V.I.S. WE all know what will be conveyed during it.



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