Rorate Caeli

Another day, another Muslim slaughter: Have mercy on us, O Lord!

Another day, another Muslim terror attack. Muslim terrorists are quite good at using the best means available in a specific place to kill as many people as possible. In Iraq and Syria, they prefer bombs; in their own territories, they are glad to use the scimitar to behead; in the Bataclan club in Paris last year, and this Sunday morning in a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando (two high places of the Western tourism industry), they used guns.

It does not matter if they are "operationally" linked with a specific organization: They are all spiritually linked, and their goal is to advance the Ummah, by fear and subjugation.


Let us pray for the souls of the poor victims of the Orlando shooting! May Christ have mercy on them! Only God knows the state of their souls at the time of their terrible death.

Let us also pray for the families of the dead and injured in Orlando: May the Blessed Virgin Mary give them comfort and solace!

Let us pray for the United States:

Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo:
ne in aeternum irascaris nobis.