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Vatican Police State: Pope wants to know where each Cardinal is at all times

It's funny how this Pope only wants "tradition" (with a very, very small "t") when it suits his purposes.

This letter sent by the Dean of the College of Cardinals to the "Resident" Cardinals, that is, those who reside in Rome, was revealed today by the Rome correspondent of The Wall Street Journal, Francis X. Rocca:


From the Vatican, May 31, 2017

N. 122/2017

Your Eminence,

A noble tradition has always led the Fellow Cardinals residing "in Urbe" to inform the Holy Father, by way of the Secretariat of State, the period of their absence from Rome and the address of their stay.

Pope Francis has recently requested of the Dean of the Cardinalatial College to fraternally remind each single Cardinal the opportunity of keeping that practice, even more so in the case of an extended absence from Rome.

From my part, I gladly fulfill this venerable assignment, assured of the fullest consideration that it will be given.

Finally, I take the opportunity to greet you in the Lord and wish you all the best.

+ Angelo Card. Sodano

To the Eminent Lord Cardinals
resident in Rome

Maybe he should just lock them up in a prison in Vatican City State and release them only after thorough authorization. Who knows, they may be "conspiring" against him, or even worse, planning what to do in the case of an upcoming conclave -- as Francis' own supporters did long before Benedict XVI ever "thought" of abdicating (or "being abdicated"...)

[Tip and source: @FrancisXRocca]