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Jesuit school no longer allowed to be called Catholic

Finally, an archbishop has used the tools in his toolbox to address opposition to Catholic teachings at a Jesuit school.

Archbishop Charles Thompson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, is expected to issue a formal statement tomorrow to prohibit Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School from calling itself Catholic.  This follows open defiance by the Jesuits on the issue of traditional marriage.

CNN has a report (guess who is quoted first...) here.

Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School has a statement from Father William Verbryke, S.J. and two other school officials complaining about the decision, here.

The provincial for the Midwest Province of the Jesuits, Father Brian Paulson, S.J., has a statement complaining about the decision here.

For several decades the excuse from bishops and archbishops tolerating dissident teachings and actions by Jesuit schools has been that the Society of Jesus is not under their jurisdiction.  The two tools they have on this -- 1) dis-inviting the Jesuits from the diocese; and 2) banning a school from calling itself Catholic -- have been woefully neglected.

Archbishop Thompson has used some of the power a bishop holds to address a religious order and/or school that openly dissents from Catholic teaching.  What he is doing this week can be done by any bishop with Fordham, Boston, Georgetown, San Francisco, Loyola (take your pick on location) and other notorious campuses that have been relying on bishops to continue their excuses.