Rorate Caeli

So, Francis, if you cut off the roots, what happens to the tree?

From Vatican News, on one of Francis' "plane press conferences", yesterday:

One reporter asked if Pope Francis continued to see Benedict XVI almost like a “grandfather,” recalling his message to young people calling them to maintain a relationship with their elders. Pope Francis said that he gains strength every time he speaks with the pope emeritus. “The sap from the roots helps me to go forward,” he said. “Tradition is like the root that give you the sap to grow, you flourish!” But, he said, paraphrasing Gustav Mahler, “tradition is the guarantee of the future, and not the guardian of ashes.” This kind of tradition is the “nostalgia of the integrists.” True tradition, he said, is the “root that allows the tree to grow… when the young have roots, the grandparents can dream.”

He really hates traditional Catholics, the guardians of the Roots, doesn't he? No news, then.