Rorate Caeli

After Two Great Very Conservative Bishops, Populous Swiss Diocese Gets a Liberal

It's true, "L'habit ne fait pas le moîne," but still the uninhibited nature of the new Bishop of Chur (the second most populous Swiss diocese, which includes the main Swiss population center of Zurich), Joseph Maria Bonnemain, is astounding, particularly following the two most recent titular bishops, both very conservative.

The previous bishop, Vitus Huonder, was so conservative he chose to live out his retirement in an SSPX house, with papal authorization. 

"Calvin" Bonnemain here is made of something else entirely. Known for his fitness obsession and his flamboyant clerical-collared attire, Bonnemain has already put his foot down regarding a very important matter -- we are joking, it isn't that important, but he obviously wanted to show off his "humility", in the usual Modernist way: no episcopal coat of arms for him, no sir, because "the sign of the cross of Christ is enough for me." Which makes it sound that all other bishops in the world (including all liberals) are vain dolts who hate the cross for having a coat of arms.

Of course, HIS OWN COUNTRY has as its emblem, flag, and coat of arms a single cross of Christ, but that does not prove anything one way or the other regarding the Catholicity of that nation -- a nation of great Catholics, but also of Zwingli and of the exiled... Calvin.

We are assured of at least 5 years of radical symbolism in Chur. That should be fun.