Rorate Caeli

A Tribute to the Venerable Pope Pius XII


H/T Il Nuovo Arengario




‘As a representative of the Pontiff,  no Cardinal has matched him in  his apostolic journeys to places like Lourdes, Lisieux, Budapest and Eucharistic Conferences.  Thousands of people gathered around the Pope's envoy and the same filial affection followed him when he became Pope, as he continued  to fill St. Peter's Square, bringing about new things, such as General Audiences  for newlyweds, soldiers, farmers  sportsmen and for the famous in the early cinematic-age.  A beloved Pope, a Venerable, a Saint….’

Below is a beautiful video offering a  short compilation of images from the Papacy of the great Pope Pius II.  In this video (which includes very brief comments mostly in easy Italian) the intellectual and moral greatness of Pius XII and above all, the prestige of the Catholic Church, shine through. Pius XII could deliver high level homilies impromptu, without reading anything, and in several languages; plus he wrote his own uplifting and learned discourses.

As with deep sorrow we witness the present miserable state of the Church, let us pray to the Lord that He make haste to send us a Catholic Pope and at the same time, bishops and clergy radiant with the Faith and virtue.



Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana