Rorate Caeli

Update on the Grand Altarpiece of the Church of the Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer

Readers may recall the interview we posted here on June 21, 2022, "An iconographic project worthy of the Middle Ages — the traditionalist Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer’s monumental altar in progress," concerning a wonderful and mighty artistic undertaking of unusual beauty, the construction of a monumental historiated high altar for the Dominicans' conventual church dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary in Chéméré-le-Roi, France.

Today I am pleased to be able to share some photos of the progress to date.

And a reminder of the ambitious plan for the whole altarpiece:
Here is the church where the altar will go:
Bear in mind: this is a church for a community that exclusively offers the traditional Dominican rite.

The friars are in need of financial help to make this glorious vision a reality. As you can see, there are many craftsmen working on it, and it's a mighty project. God will reward any gift you may feel moved to give, and Our Lady will intercede for those who honor her and her Son!

To read more, please visit the dedicated website:

Here is the place to make a direct donation: 

I look forward to sharing more updates as time goes on.