Rorate Caeli

Doubling Down on Stupid: Legalistic takes on the Society of Saint Pius X... this moment in time? When even Francis himself seems happy to let them be as they are?

Has papolatry really reached a level in which one can be more papolatrous than the pope?...

The ridiculousness really has to end. Rorate has, since its very beginning, in 2005, adopted a Trad-Ecumenical position. We have never regretted taking this position, trying to make all Traditional Catholics, and Traditional-friendly Catholics, see that what we have in common is basically everything -- and that our divisions are legalistic and nonsensical. This is even more true now than 18 years ago.

This isn't about protecting a kind of market share of Traditionalism. Please, let us end this near-blasphemous bickering at this most abominable of times. God's Truth is forever.