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Benedictines of Norcia: now an abbey

Some outstanding news from Italy. The Benedictines of Norcia, currently celebrating their 25th year as a monastery, received a canonical elevation. The monastery is now an abbey, and current prior Dom Benedict Nivakoff, O.S.B., has been elected abbot.

This writer was privileged to attend a recent 25th anniversary luncheon in Washington, D.C., with several of the Benedictines, including Dom Benedict. It is hard to say enough good things about these holy and prayerful men. They pray for you. They pray for the Church. They are growing. They are building -- and indeed still rebuilding after a massive earthquake. They are smart, savvy and dedicated servants of our Lord and His Church.

Think about donating to the Benedictines of Norcia -- only about a fifth of their monetary needs are met via the delicious beer they brew.

The following is their announcement today to supporters:

In a May 25, 2024, decree for the Feast of St. Gregory the VII, a great Benedictine pope, the Priory of San Benedetto in Monte was elevated to the status of an abbey. This canonical elevation brought honor and dignity to the monastery as it celebrated its 25th year. The monks are deeply grateful to all those who made this milestone possible, particularly the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order, Dom Gregory Polan, O.S.B. and his council, the Archbishop of Spoleto-Norcia, Renato Boccardo, and especially the founding prior, Dom Cassian Folsom, O.S.B. 


Today, May 28, 2024, the newly elevated abbey elected Dom Benedict Nivakoff, O.S.B. as Norcia's first abbot since 1792, when another man who bore the name of St. Benedict, Abbot Benedetto Cipriani, died. The new abbot and the monks sincerely hope that this important spiritual moment will encourage a deeper longing for God among those in Norcia and those around the world who unite their daily prayers with the monastery.