Rorate Caeli

The advent of Christ and the small number of the saved.

Let us then follow the advice of the Prophet (Ose X, 12, according to the LXX), and let us light the fire of science in this Star so great and bright, before leaving the darkness of this world, fearing that we may go not from darkness to darkness, but rather to eternal darkness.

What is this science about which I speak? It is that science which consists of knowing that the Savior will come, even though we may not know when he shall come. This is all that is asked of us.

You might tell me that perhaps all already possess this knowledge currently; what man, even if not a Christian by name, ignores that the Lord shall one day truly return to judge the living and the dead, and to reward each one according to his works?

No, my brethren, not all know that; it is known in fact by very few man, since there are very few in the number of the saved.
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Third Sermon for the Vigil of the Nativity (excerpt)

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