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Benedict prepares the Holy Revolution

The Italian newsweekly Panorama has a very interesting prognosis of the major events of 2006 in the Roman Curia in its last edition (with the same title as the one chosen for this post).

The main points of the article:

FIRST, after eight months, Pope Benedict has filled only two positions with his men: CDF Prefect, vacated for obvious reasons; and the Secretary for Divine Worship, who was picked because he was needed to "continue the dialogue with the traditionalist Catholics" (Panorama's words).

SECOND, and this has been well known for a few months, the Holy Father has chosen Angelo Comastri (currently Vicar of the Pope for the Vatican City) as his head-planner for a major restructuring of the Curia.

THIRD, Comastri would replace Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos as Prefect of Clergy.

FOURTH, freed from his duties at Clergy, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos (who is past his age limit) would remain solely in charge of Ecclesia Dei issues (that is, relations with all traditional Catholics).

FIFTH, Abp. Piero Marini would be called to replace Abp. Comastri in his current positions, freeing the office of pontifical liturgies.

SIXTH, Marini would be replaced by his second, Francesco Camaldo, who is allegedly a favorite of the Pope.

SEVENTH, Cardinal Sepe would be trasferred from Propaganda (Evangelization) to Cardinal Szoka's current position as President of the Governatorate of the Holy See.

EIGHTH, Cardinal Dias (Bombay, India) would replace Cardinal Sepe as prefect of Propaganda.

In other changes, the Prefect of Apostolic Signatura would be transferred to Naples (as archbishop).

The article ends by reminding the readers that NOBODY is currently in a position that may influence the Pope's decision. Every one of the decisions will be solely his (differently, I might add, from what happened throughout the Wojtyla pontificate, as is public knowledge).
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  1. New Catholic, this is most interesting! Thank you very, very much for getting this information out to us. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down.

    What do you know about Angelo Comastri? I know little enough about him so that I wonder how he came to be in charge of the restructuring operation.

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  3. First, to those who have questioned the word, it was not I who called it a "revolution", but Panorama ("rivoluzione").

    Second, it is NOT a mere change of positions. A major restructuring of the Curia is planned, by yhe Pope and Abp. Comastri (see second item). In my modest opinion, it will probably be the most important restructuring of the Curia in 100 years, since the overhaul of Pope St.Pius X. Let us just wait...

  4. Is Vatican III (or the First Council of Fatima) about to be convoked?
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    7 Esperanca
    S. Bhagatsingh Road
    Mumbai 400 001, India


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