Rorate Caeli

The Camauro is back - No, it's not Santa

Unseen since the cold days of that other senior pope, John XXIII, the "camauro" has again seen the face of day today, at the general audience.
Since we wish a healthy and long pontificate to the Holy Father, we could only approve of this choice. The list of aged pontiffs who left this world after a single whiff of winter is quite long -- one of the most famous was Pope Leo X Medici (on the Throne of Peter when that other German, an Augustinian monk, decided to destroy Christendom - others say he died of a powerful version of malaria, so that is another controversial issue surrounding the Reformation...).


Iosephus said...

New Catholic, this is a beautiful blog which you've started. I'm quite impressed by the pictures you found, especially that one down below of the Council in session. All quite nice.

New Catholic said...

Thank you! I still have to add the great Cornell Society to the blogroll.

CPT Tom said...

My thought was the Camauro makes the Pope look like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. Not sure if that is a good thing!