Rorate Caeli

The Pope, "nostro dolce Cristo in terra" (Our Sweet Christ on Earth)

What could be more Traditional than a phrase coined by a (1) Doctor of the Church, who was (2) extremely critical of the personal defects of Popes, but who (3) was a devout servant of the Papacy?

The expression "Our Sweet Christ on Earth" is just such a phrase and was coined by Saint Catherine of Siena. What is shocking, though, is that any Catholic would be shocked by it.

May God be thanked for the gift of Saint Catherine of Siena, Patron Saint of Italy, Patron Saint of Europe, Doctor of the Church!

P.S. Honestly, sometimes I believe there are Protestants lurking dressed as "Traditional Catholics" in the web, because I cannot believe the things which are said about the Papacy. If one searches the web, one can find quite clearly that those usually "shocked" by this mellifluous expression of St. Catherine are madly anti-Catholic Protestants... Go figure!

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