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Anti-Traditism - and what happens when vanity runs out of control

Ah, the "Pennsylvania Papal Blogger"... Never one to shy from the sin of anti-traditism. Isn't it ironic that while Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos (you know, the Prefect of Clergy AND President of Ecclesia Dei) insists, regarding those traditionalist Catholics with whom the Vatican is in close talks, that "it was not a formal schism", the ultra-"progressives" try to create news ex nihilo where there is not news?

And worse, now the "Pennsylvania Papal blogger" is inspired by a Tablet editorial which PRAISES the "Judas rehabilitation" story... The Tablet and the "Papal blogger" WISHED the Judas "rehabilitation" were true, but those who read this blog know that it is not. And to cap the irony, the "Papal blogger" praises those who are truly out of communion and asks if it would not be "something, if a commitment to eradicating anti-Semitism were the thing that brought Moscow and Rome together at last". This reveals such ignorance about the Moscow Patriarchate as to defy belief! Not that we would mind a strong Moscow Patriarchate in full communion with the Apostolic See: the Church could certainly relearn many correct practices from the East, such as demolishing churches where "gay marriages" take place (which would certainly not please the friends of "Papal Blogger").

So, what is the problem of the "Pennsylvania Papal Blogger"? An excess of vanity. Perhaps Cardinal Kasper (in charge of talks with those who are "out of communion" with Rome, which excludes the Traditionalists so hated by the "Papal Blogger") can teach him something about true ecumenism? The irrational hatred called "anti-Traditism" is not good for the soul!

As Pope Saint Pius X said in his Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique:

The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists.
Quite true, yesterday, today, and forever.

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