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Curial Revolution closer by the day

Last December, this blog reported on the very important changes planned by the Pope for the Roman Curia, what the Italian weekly Panorama called "the Holy Revolution" (see here).

Today, Panorama has answered one of the most important questions left from that article: who will be the next Secretary of State. For copyright reasons, the whole article cannot be translated, but its most important points are:

-[1]Attilio Cardinal Nicora, the "financial headplanner" of the restructuring of the "new Roman Curia", could be chosen as the new Secretary of State (read more on Nicora here);

-[2]Nicora's plans are for a "new... view for the functional management ... of the Holy See", which may be close to being announced. This may probably end the "incomprehensions" which have been blocking communications between the "apartment" (that is, the Papal staff) and State.

The article still mentions the translation problems (read more here) and its main focus is the refusal, by China, of the right of the Holy See to freely choose the Catholic bishops in mainland China.

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