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Traditionalists: "We WILL reach a conclusion"

Reuters and AFP (France Presse) have reported on it, but they have not transcribed the exact words. Below is a translation of the interview (French)which the Superior-General of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, granted at Radio-France to the [French] Association of Religious Information Journalists.

For copyright reasons, I present only excerpts (those I consider the most important) of the interview.

Jean-Claude Noyé, Apic journalist in Paris
A conclusion for the conflict under the pontificate of Benedict XVI

Paris, January 13, 2006 (Apic). The Superior-General of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X has wished to minimise the oppositions between the latter and the Vatican. Bishop Bernard Fellay has expressed the certainty that the conclusion of the conflict begun in 1988 between John Paul II and Archbishop Lefèbvre will be reached under the reign of the new pope.


Question: Where is your dialogue with Rome after August 29, date of your meeting with Benedict XVI?

Bernard Fellay: It continues slowly. In fact, it takes time to overcome the reciprocal mistrust. But I am convinced, for my part, that we will reach a conclusion. We have had a long discussion, the most fruitful of all of them, and have discussed the deep issues. Rome wishes to settle the problem quickly and the papal audience, for which we had asked last May, was rapidly granted to us. The Magisterium privileges a pragmatic approach. We are slowing things down because we do not wish a superficial solution. The pope has charged Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos to dialogue with us. The latter has explained, in an interview to an Italian television, that we are not heretics, but that we must, both sides, reach for a more perfect communion. It is a new language.

Q.: Differently from you, Benedict XVI defended, on his speech to the Curia of December 22, 2005, that the Church has been constant in this question... [of religious liberty]
B.F.: Not at all, for he introduces a distinction between a rupture in the action and a continuity in principle. In any case, the pope has the will to re-read the Council, to present it otherwise.

Q.: Has this papal speech pleased you?

B.F.: Yes, because of its clarity, its precision, and the will to propose true questions. Though, in my opinion, it does not go today far enough.


Q.: Do you ask for a peculiar [canonical] position inside the Catholic Church?
B.F.: Rome will probably grant it to us. [...]


Q.: What will be the [canonical] status which Rome could grant you?
B.F.: That of an Apostolic Administration. Regarding the authority of the bishop, we would have a regime of exemption, as it is the case in the diocese of Campos, Brazil. Rome would allow the faithful of the Fraternity Saint Pius X to enjoy the benefit of a parallel authority, but still under the local bishop.


HerkCO said...

So, some good news. Pray hard.

Eamonn said...

A small quibble. In your translation the word "status" should be substituted for "statute". A statute (in English) is a law whereas the word status means "the official classification given to a person ... determining their rights or responsibilities". Otherwise, thanks for the clarification.

New Catholic said...

Though I believe that statute could be used as in "canonical statute", I do agree that your suggestion is an improvement. Thank you.

radix said...

This reconciliation would be blessed and welcome news indeed. A recognition of the critical value of Catholic tradition at the highest levels. May God and the Blessed Virgin hasten the day!

crazykid said...

Up to now the SSPX has been free to set up apostolates anywhere in the world where the need and opportunity has arisen, without having to deal the local bishops. If a Campos-style agreement is struck, won't this mean that they can only open Mass centres in places where they have permission from the local diocese? Surely this will put the SSPX at the mercy of the modernist hierarchy? Is there any way around this?

Miceal said...

This represents a major shift in the thinking of Rome. However, it would be a disaster to create a p.a.a. for the benefit of those who follow the SSPX. It is a slap in the face to those faithful Catholics who have followed the indult. If Rome is serious, she will give TrueMass a universal p.a.a., with its own prelate and auxiliaries, who are not beholden to any local Ordinary. I would disqualify any SSPX bishop. I would argue that a trad-minded bishop be appointed. Were the structure to be erected today, I would favor Abp. Haas of Lichtenstein who has done ordinations at Wigratzbad, and who is very orthodox. Ask the heterodox Catholics in Thur, Switzerland. We don't want to set up a parallel Church, but at the same time, we don't want to be accused of being somehow outside the NewMass Church. I think this structure could accomodate even the vagi sacerdos. So-called "Bugnini" influences in the missal would have to be expunged, which would mean yet another liturgical conference to compile a definitive missal for the new structure.

New Catholic said...

" would be a disaster to create a p.a.a. for the benefit of those who follow the SSPX. It is a slap in the face to those faithful Catholics who have followed the indult"

Look, Miceal, this is NOT the time to create artificial divisions between "Indultarians" and "SSPXers". Let us just pray for the Holy Father.

Rudy said...

I worry about any agreement that puts the SPPX under the local bishops. The SPPX must be free to open chapels wherever it wishes, not subject to the invitation of modernist bishops, some of whom have long ceased to be Catholic.

Recovering Novus Odinarian said...

A slap in the face to indultarians????? Poor, mislead indultarians, there would be no indult masses if it weren't for SSPX. The only reason the modernist bishops allow them is because SSPX and other Traditionalists set up chapels in their diocese. If SSPX bishops go this route, you can be sure a good number of the Society will not go with them.

Carmen Martinez Valdez said...

My english is not very well, but I give my two patacones of advice: Mgr. Lefebvre, Dios lo tenga, should give you bobos a beating. La Misa no is my or yours, is for every body.

Tradosaurus said...

Ok. so what? Now the sspx will end up like the Campos Bishops in Brazil who surrendered to the novus ordo religion and now have abandoned the Catholic faith.

I believe that if this happens then a portion of the sspx will either stay with the goals of Archbishop Lefebvre or accept the true Catholic alternative and realize that the Benedict-Rat is nothing more than an antichrist and an antipope as his 4 predecessors before him.

There is no salvation within the novus ordo religion.


abromowitz said...

Miceal said...We don't want to set up a parallel Church, but at the same time, we don't want to be accused of being somehow outside the NewMass Church.

The New Mass has destroyed the church and watered down the faith so much that the pews are empty..."The Emperor Has No Cloths!!" It's time to admit it. To be outside the NewMass Church is a blessing when the alternative is the True Mass of all time!!

catfish said...

Appoint Tridentine Rite Bishops from SSPX and the "indult orders" to exercise jurisdiction over the training and "faculties" to celebrate the Pius V Mass (1962), possibly along the lines of the native tongue of the people.
SSPX - French
SSPX - Spanish
ICR-SP - Italian
FSt.Peter - English
Campos - Portiuguese
??? - German