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Blaming Arinze

Alejandro Bermudez is putting in a defense of Cardinal Arinze, vis-a-vis the SSPX talks:

"Don't blame Arinze

Some readers have reacted with some frustration when I informed that Arinze was opposed to the idea of giving a universal permission to celebrate the Mass of Pius V.

But don’t blame Arinze, who by the way is a saintly, honest man.

First, he is expressing a concern. Liturgical ignorance among Catholics is unfortunately a fact and a consequence of a bad application of the liturgical reform, so the argument of creating greater confusion is a valid concern."

Communion standing up...communion sitting down...communion kneeling...communion in the hand...communion on the tongue...communion host...communion chalice...clay chalice...facing the altar... facing the people ..altar boys..altar girls..altar guys...altar mature immature priest...dialogue mass...guitar mass...clown' mass...teen mass...priest with chasuble...priest without chasuble...priest with amice...priest without amice...priest with stole...priest without stole...

Liturgical ignorance? Wake up! Forty years have passed, and you can hardly get 2 priests to say even SIMILAR masses. Maybe it's time to realize that this new "liturgy" is unworkable, huh?

Take the hundreds of SSPX, FSSP, ICR, Campos' and Traditional diocesan priests, and always get the very same Mass, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Maybe it's time to give us, "the liturgically educated", a chance... Let us try the experiment of Tradition!

If Arinze wants to experiment, let him go experiment with Ibo sacrifice! *
(*Please, don't blame me, that is the title of his "Thesis": Ibo sacrifice as an introduction to the catechesis of Holy Mass, Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome, 1960)

P.S. There may not be an agreement between Rome and the SSPX, but if so, this will have had nothing to do with Cardinal Arinze's opinions.


  1. OK, so why don't you think the accord with the SSPX AND do you think there will be any expansion of the indult?

  2. I meant, "why don't you think the accord with the SSPX 'will happen' AND . . .

  3. I should have said "feel" that there will be no agreement. I feel that there is no climate within rhe Society, especially in France.

  4. Thanks, but what is your opinion (I'll even take "feelings") on a new situation for the Trid Mass. Will the pope grant some sort of greater indult (universal or not) or an apostolic administration?

  5. Podatus, if I may comment here on my fellow blogger's post, I would just recommend: do not be needlessly worried. The prospects look much brighter than they have looked for decades. Pray and hope.

  6. We held a Latin (Novus Ordo, unfortunately, but better than nothing!) liturgy this morning at school.

    People who *never* attend the morning Masses came out for this one, including parents and faculty members. The Latin Mass and Gregorian chant are *sorely* missed by a great percentage of the population...even children who have been raised on LifeTeen remarked on how moved they felt when they sang the traditional music of the Church.

  7. It's always seemed to me that the Pope should make the Old Mass as free as possible and that bishops should not just PERMIT, but ENCOURAGE Catholics to get to know it, as a priceless part of their spiritual heritage.

    That seems like the point to begin the process of sorting out the mess and anger of the liturgical wars. Even those who love and prefer the New Mass can hardly dispute--if they are orthodox Catholics--that there is nothing WRONG with the way Catholics worshipped for so many centuries. And many will admit that there are things to be learned from that now partly lost ethos of worship which can assist in revitalizing liturgy as a whole.

    Even those who think the New Liturgy a wholly lost cause can hardly dispute that this would make the experience of the New Liturgy at least more bearable for many souls and might even provide a link back to the Old, whereby people wholly alienated from the past liturgical spirit can recapture its essential features and discover the Spirit of Tradition, leading them to be able to approach the old liturgy with some of the sympathy and understanding they now lack.

    And then, the Holy Spirit can settle the issue. If it be God's will that the old triumph, it would be in the best position from which to reconquer. If it be God's will that the New be revitalized with an infusion of renewed spirit drawing on the old, then that can happen as well. With a bit of charity toward both sides in the debate, we ought to be able to work our way over the decades toward happy and healthy worship in the Church once again.

  8. What strikes me so much about Arinze's comments, is that, isn't he the priest who was trained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, when the latter was in Africa? How could he intrude himself so publically at this juncture with remarks that so seemingly threaten the good will the Pope is showing? There is something more too this.

  9. If the Mass of Pius V is made available to any and every priest, how will it be ensured that it will not be abused?

  10. Southern Seminarian,

    I guess that is one of my points. If there is an abuse in the Traditional Mass, you can complain to the Bishop, since there is a standard, you can objectively point to it, i.e., father did not raise the host; he is not keeping his fingers together;he said the Canon audibly.

    But, in the new mass, what is the standard? Is it Father Ruttler's mass, or Bishop Gumblenton's? Can you dance? Can the priest dance? Guitars, drums, or harp? one candle, 2 candles, no candles...

    Now, I'd say that under Cardinal Mahony, for instance, there will always be abuses, because he doesn't care, and nothing will happen to him, but that is an entirely different problem.

    Bishop Burke allows his priests to say the Traditional Mass, but they have to show him that they know how first.

    Short answer. There would be abuses, but you could fight them, because there is an objective rule.

  11. Al,
    So it would work if every Bishop is Bishop Burke...yeah, that will happen...


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