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Boston: The Right to Choose

Abortion-friendly politicians may choose what to do in Boston. For instance, they may choose to receive communion.

"Gay Catholics" have plenty of choices in Boston. They may choose to go to the Jesuit Urban Center, for instance -- described by Boston Magazine as “best place to meet a mate—gay” -- something which the Jesuits themselves see as quaint.

They may choose to go to a very Traditionally Catholic act of worship: the Healing Service, at the Paulist Center.

If they want dance in the liturgy, no problem! Fr. Bob Ver Eecke, SJ, of the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble, can always provide Catholic Bostonians with tons of fun.

But, if faithful Catholics, true victims of a diocese gone bankrupt, petition in August for a Traditional Roman Rite parish, for their daily Mass, served not by heterodox Jesuits or Paulists, but by the most faithful orders authorized by the Holy See to serve the "legitimate aspirations of the faithful" to the Traditional Roman Mass and Sacraments, what do they get? They get this answer, six months later:

(617) 254-0100
FAX (617) 783-2947
15 February 2006

Dear ____________:

First I wish to express my regrets that your 21 August 2005 is being acknowledged in such a tardy manner; however, I only recently have received it from the Office of the Archbishop with a request to respond to it. I note that your letter regards Holy Trinity Parish in Boston and specifically your request that the Archbishop invite either the Fraternity of Saints Peter and Paul or the Institute of Christ the King to come to the Archdiocese of Boston to service the Tridentine Community.

Please know that the Archbishop has received requests similar to yours in the past and has consistently responded that in accord with the request of Ecclesia Dei the Archdiocese of Boston provides the celebration of Mass in the Tridentine Rite and has the qualified priests to celebrate this Mass. It is not the intention of the Archbishop to begin a Tridentine Rite parish, thus at this time he does not envision the necessity nor the advantage of inviting priests from either of the two groups that you mention to the Archdiocese as we can provide for the celebration of the Mass on a weekly basis.

With my best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Richard G. Lennon
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

They could not recognize the aspirations of so many Catholic Bostonians to an official, fully Traditional, parish?... Not even as a mere choice? As a mere personal preference? No, the Traditional Roman Mass has very few rights in Ecclesia Bostoniensis. (Tip and whole letter from Recta Ratio)


  1. It's the Episcopal Church translated into working-class non-Anglo-Saxon culture.

    It's also the difference between liberalism and revisionism.

    These chaps are revisionists, mirroring the Catholics in that they do believe in absolutes, only they're wrong about a few things. And just like the old school, error has no rights in their world.

    Liberals when they're really liberal are open-minded and believe in nothing therefore everything and thus can be nice enough to patronise traditionalists (as part of a smorgasbord of 'pluriform truths').

    At least S. Clement's for example is left alone.

    Holy Trinity'd probably be tolerated if they belonged to a privileged class, which in the revisionist and liberal worldview being gay is - not only 'tolerated'; it counteth unto righteousness to those types!

    But standing with the historic faith on the issue gets one tagged as 'homophobic' so RC trads are right out.

  2. That's an incredible rainbow banner picture.

    I thought at first that you had posted an address there to which concerned Catholics could write. I was getting ready to fire off a letter.

    The whole thing in Boston may just have to collapse and then start again from scratch.

  3. What a gay array of Catholic "inculturation" has Boston to offer the world. Certainly nothing to do with Roman identity, and nothing I want to be a part of. But very likely indicative of the resistance B16 is meeting with in his every action. How soon can we expect either collapse or schism? Not soon enough. Send in the Vicars Apostolic.

  4. What a gay array of Catholic "inculturation" has Boston to offer the world. Certainly nothing to do with Roman identity, and nothing I want to be a part of. But very likely indicative of the resistance B16 is meeting with in his every action. How soon can we expect either collapse or schism? Not soon enough. Send in the Vicars Apostolic.

  5. I can't believe you even associate these people with the name Catholic.

    It's confusing to those trying to leave the novus ordo religion when apostates and heretics are called Catholic.

    Let's just call them what they are but not Catholic.

    Oh by the way did you hear about the novus ordo's who were expelled for kneeling in the novus ordo service? Just one more example of why the novus ordo is not Catholic


  6. "...your request that the Archbishop invite either the Fraternity of Saints Peter and Paul or the Institute of Christ the King..."

    Is there a new Fraternity that I'm not aware of (FSPP), or is the Vicar just ignorant? Clearly they don't have a clue.

  7. Since it appears that the Tridentine Use will be celebrated in another parish if Holy Trinity in fact closes, I think yours is an illegitimate gripe. It also presumes that there are enough traddies in Boston to warrant two indult parishes. I don't live in Boston, but if Boston is like my ciy, that is somewhat debatable. Of course, Holy Trinty might well be a wonderful alternative for an upwardly mobile gay-couple with a love of good liturgy. Which gets to my next point.

    I have read how some Holy Trinity fans are complaining about how all the nasty gays are moving into the neighborhood, and how awful it is that the parish will be turned into condos where - oh the humanity! - faggots will live. This is a ridiculous and a self-defeating point of view. As I said before, it is well-known that certain types of gays love and are moved by supurb liturgy. Some are devoutly religious in their own way, and others may be Walter Pater aesthetes. Or some combination thereof. It seems to me that an influx of gays might help a parish like Holy Trinity in providing it with show-stopping high masses in the old rite, expert altar servers, and superb male voices in the choir. In turn, this could attract more Catholics to an oasis of superior liturgy, thereby stablizing it for the future. I'm sure young fogey can attest to the wonderfulness of St. Clement's liturgy, in part because of its gay-friendly reputation. There's no reason why Holy Trinity could not do the same thing, in the unlikely event that one of the powers-that-be had the insight to pull such a thing off.

  8. A parish is not only the Mass, Patrick, it's not only the Mass... Which is why a fully traditional parish, supported by one of these orders, would be so important. Traditional catechism, large families: that is what provides stability, not a "superb" liturgy with a "fabulous choir"...

  9. Bam! Great answer, New Catholic. I remember Patrick the Debatable from Rocco's Place.

    Most Traditionalists want Traditional liturgy as a part of Traditional Catholicism. They are NOT aesthetes and don't care how well the choir sings or even how well the priest knows Latin, though they are not insensible to beauty. The fact that some aesthetes--including "gay" ones--may share an admiration for beautiful liturgy is neither here nor there.

    As for me, give me the ol' hearty football-playing, straight-shooting, Rome-following Novus Ordo priest who reads from the book and grabs the nearest vestments off the shelf over the preening "traditional" aesthete judging the cut of Monsignor's fiddleback any day.

    People who have trouble with any kind of sin are welcome as long as they own it a sin and struggle against it. That's the same position the rest of us are in. The other's should stay clear.

  10. Boston's Catholic legacy died long ago... and now O'Malley is a "Cardinal"; following on Law's legacy of destruction and scandal,... he, of course, is conveniently hidden away in false Rome's closet of diplomatic immunity. Why is this salient correlation lost on you?

    The True Faith resides in the hearts of True Catholics, and this is derived from the grace of a true and abiding CONVERSION. The True Church (only one, and it's Catholic) remains unscathed from the vomit that is spewed by a leperous culture in its last throes.

    Christ's sheep "flee the voice of strangers" (ref: The Gospel), and follow Him (recognize His voice) despite the chorus of siren songs from an unbelieving culture that is already condemned and irrelevant in the eternal context. The counterfeit "church" which calls itself catholic is an ape which is unworthy of notice and worthy of the wrath it is bringing on itself, with all its dancing and revelling in the good old days of Sodom and Luther.

  11. New Catholic, it's this sort of response, heightened by the ironies that you highlight, that most often dampens my spirit about our current situation. Why have I not yet petitioned our own bishop for a Traditional Latin Mass? Because, as good a bishop as he is, I can nearly anticipate the response. It's downright depressing.

  12. It becomes more and more obvious every day that the powers that be in the modernist church not only dislike tradition and traditionalists, but they actually dispise us. They are as blind as can be and I believe are being led down their path by none other than Satan. May God have mercy on their souls.

  13. You know, it's about time you old fuddy-duddies (as well as the young ones) stopped behaving and started doing what works -- throwing a tantrum. Think of how it worked for the gang at Saint Al's. After the last Mass, simply refuse to leave. Keep at least a few people there, praying the Rosary continuously, until the other shoe drops. Meanwhile, those of us form out of town will deluge Cardinal Sean with letters, reminding him of what the word "double standard" means.

    He has the right to close the parish, but not to be a jerk.


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