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A man worthy of remembrance

15 years ago, Archbishop Marcel-François Lefebvre died in Martigny, Switzerland, on the anniversary of the most blessed Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and of the Incarnation of God. Regardless of one's opinion of some events of his life, or of some of his decisions, or of some of his stronger words, it would be wrong not to acknowledge that without him the struggle for the preservation of much of what we cherish would probably have been lost. That 15 years after his death "the question of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre" is still discussed in the highest halls of the Church shows that the global movement for the advancement of the Traditional Roman Rite is inseparably linked to this passionate man, whose name still causes passionate discussions.


  1. What a sad end to a great career-to be the cause of schism (or pseudo-schism). Remember that Arch. Lef. was a proponent of a native African clergy and resigned his post to make way for an African.To the day the Arch. died he remained close to Cardinal Thiandoum of Africa who he had brought into the church and ordained.He called Lefb. his "spiritual father". Another great accomplishment of Lefb. was revealed by Cardinal Dulles in a tal to priests. Je asked the priests who was the first person to suggest a new catechism.Everybody thought it was Cardinal Law who proposed a new catechism. But Dulles said it was Arcgbishop an intervention at VaticanII. He said the church needed a new catechism to update the one grom Trent.

  2. I do not believe he himself considered he had a sad end. However, more on that in a few weeks.

  3. Whatever (obvious) differences I have with Arch.Lefebvre's faith (and that of Roman Catholics in general), I respect his tenacity and perceive the relative goodness of his cause. In an ocean of liturgical trashing and plunder, his "antagonism" proved to be the essential corrective. Whatever "licit" Roman Masses remain within the Roman Catholic Church, their celebrants and parishoners owe a big "biretta tip" to him, and the efforts of the priestly fraternity he founded.

  4. I had the great good fortune to meet Archbishop Lefebvre a few times. To assist at his Mass and even spend a night under the same roof and have breakfast with him.

    He was a truly great man and radiated holiness in a way that is all too rare today

  5. Holy cow! Of course, the heterodox Dulles is to be believed on the matter of again a liberal libeling the great saint-in-waiting, His Grace Marcel Lefebvre.

    C'mon get real, man! He was a man of discussion in matters of the practical and non-doctrinal issues and a stone edifice in matters of unchanging truth and doctrine, yet always humble and "un-vain".

    Sacerdos15 is smoking masonic smote methinks!


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