Rorate Caeli

News from Rome? Ne timeas

The archangel discloses the news. The Blessed Virgin trusts the Lord, but does not understand how it all may happen. In the superb scupture by Donatello (at the Cavalcanti Chapel, in the Church of the Holy Cross, Florence), this exact moment is portrayed: the Lady assumes a position of trusting frightfulness.

Ne timeas, says Gabriel: fear not.

And that is the news we can forward to you now. When, how, what will happen? Fear not: it will probably happen sooner rather than later -- but we do not wish to be accused of reckless gossip.

Remember the words of the First Vatican Council: " divine and Catholic faith all those things are to be believed which are contained in the word of God as found in Scripture and tradition, and which are proposed by the Church as matters to be believed as divinely revealed, whether by her solemn judgment or in her ordinary and universal magisterium. ... like a standard lifted up for the nations, [the Church] both invites to herself those who have not yet believed, and likewise assures her sons and daughters that the faith they profess rests on the firmest of foundations." (Dei Filius, 3)

And never forget the Holy Father's moving plea: "Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves."

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