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The spirit of the Third Reich resurrects in the Netherlands

Dr. Eduard Verhagen, butcher of Groningen: where is his Nuremberg?

With the death of its favorite culprit, the (former?) Communist Slobodan Milosevic, the ex post facto court for Yugoslavia in The Hague once again displays the irrelevance of the United Nations -- which is, nonetheless VERY relevant in its attempts to impose abortion and other "rights" on unwilling countries. One should not fall for this false Manichaeism - are there innocent and guilty sides in the Balkanic Wars of the 1990s? Then, which one of them has destroyed most churches and has accomplished to eradicate Christianity in Kosovo since 1999?

Were there crimes against humanity committed in the Balkans? Probably, by all sides, but is the UN, the main abortion-promoter in the world, in any position of moral superiority to judge that? For Heaven's sake, there are handicapped babies being euthanized at the present time in the Netherlands, a few dozens of miles away from this useless Court!

Where is the United Nations' court which is ready to judge Dr. Eduard Verhagen, the main author of the Groningen Protocols, ready to "terminate" the life of any baby and child not "fit to live"? Where is the new Nuremberg Court to judge the government of Christian(!!!)-Democrat Prime-Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, ready to make the Groningen Protocols for the euthanasia of children normative throughout the Netherlands? Thank God that there is at least one reasonable politician left in Europe, Carlo Giovanardi, Italian minister for Parliamentary affairs, warning the putrefied continent that the Dutch baby euthanasia protocol is the resurrection of the Nazi spirit and thought.


Br. Alexis Bugnolo said...

And the invective used by the Dutch government against Signor Carlo Giovanardi, shows just how beholded they are to the entire Nazi spirit.

Somehow in the name of socialism, Europe is returning to the National Socialist Agenda.

The Demoncratic part of the USA is trailing close in second place.

JSarto said...

Quite interesting article about the "New Sodom" - Holland -

New Catholic said...

Thank you for your comments. And also for the link, jsarto.

Tomasz said...

Sad to say but the Albanians and Bosnians are said to be planning a new Ottoman Empire in the former Yugoslavia by uniting this area's very militant Muslim minority and subjugating the Slavic Christians living there all funded by the Saudis and Iranians, who are fighting for ideological control over this future empire by pouring millions into these regions. Great job George Bush for fighting terror!