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New interview, no news

Interesting interview of Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX), as part of the main article of the current edition of the French Catholic weekly Famille Chrétienne (entitled "Lefebvrists: Towards a Reconciliation?").

The interview is not publicly available online, but excerpts have been made available at Le Forum Catholique. There is no new information, except for the last question, translated below:

"What do you make of the beginning of his [Benedict's] pontificate?

"Actions are necessary, words are not the [most] important. I shall be very reserved in my opinion. [...] But I am not disappointed. One sees that Benedict XVI is more circumspect than John Paul II, less spectacular."


Tony La Rosa said...

No matter what happen with Rome, let us pray that the SSPX keeps the Catholic Faith whole and inviolate without any taint of the Novus Ordo. This is the most important priority.

Screwtape said...

I suggest that those interested in the current/future position of the SSPX read the long speech by Bishop Fellay in the April issue of Angeles magazine.

I was nervous about certain rumors until I read this.

Bishop Fellay makes it very clear that there will be no capitulation on the part of the Society and that not only is no "agreement" imminent, for the foreseeable future, none is possible. He explains exactly why this is so.

Unless he's a consummate liar, which is sincerely doubt, the rumors are crap - he warns against taking any of them seriously.

He also provides sufficient details about recent meetings with the Pope and Cardinal Castrillon to quell any doubts.

Reading between the lines, what Fellay says is that Rome is confused as well as terminally recalcitrant regarding the primary issue: that "vile Council," to use Bishop Williamson's appellation.

Scholastic said...

Tony writes: "let us pray that the SSPX keeps the Catholic Faith whole and inviolate without any taint of the Novus Ordo."

Tony asks us to pray a Gnostic prayer masquerading as Catholic. Because, unlike the Church, Tony has knowledge that the Novus Ordo causes the Catholic Faith to not be “whole and inviolate”

Screwtape said...
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Screwtape said...

Scholastic? Uh, what school? The school where they "twam and they twam all over the dam," maybe? I dunno, do three little fishies make a school?

Tony not gnostic. Tony got eyes attached to brain. That all Tony need.

Gnosticism: the hypostatization of any one of a number of symbolic poles, breaking the tension of the inbetween; incorporating an agenda bracketing a beginning, middle and end; culminating in an immanentization of the eschaton. At that juncture, one has reached the point of becoming an ideologue. All ideologies are gnostic. All gnostics are, or are on the way to becoming, ideologues.

Just thinking one knows something does not make one a gnostic, even if the etymology BEGINS the definition at that point.

Thinking one knows something nobody else knows makes one cultist or cryptic or covert.

Thinking what our scholastic thinks makes one an imitation of the proverbial three monkeys; with about as much acumen.

Scholastic said...

Tradgrid writes: “Tony not gnostic.”

As is typical of many schismatic PiusX types, Tony finds salvation not through unity with the Church, but through knowledge which he claims to possess which allows he to see a hidden true church. That is gnosticism. Just read his bio, he lays it. .

Tony La Rosa said...

Tony is in unity with the Church. Tony is just not in unity with the material heretics and schismatics in Rome because they are not in unity with the Church.

Is that gnostic enough for you, pseudo-scholastic?

New Catholic said...

Folks, let us calm down in this judgment of the Holy and Apostolic See, OK?

Screwtape said...

Dear New Catholic:

(Just out of curiosity, how "new" are you? - I thought I held the record in that department - 17 years since baptism - but with me the real question is how Catholic I am now. As P.D. James put it in the title of a memoir: Time To Be In Earnest.)

Tradgrind is calm. Tradgrind is ever so tranquil. Tradgrind is unflappable. Tradgrind is beneficent. Scholastic is an idiot who manifestly wouldn't recognize a Catholic if one bit him. Which I would happily do, charitable though I may be.

New Catholic, please don't get excited. Remember Hamlet: it's all just "words, words, words."

On the other hand, there's Eliot's haunting phrase from Gerontion: The word within a word, unable to speak a word / Swaddled with darkness. In the juvescence of the year / Came Christ the tiger . . . "

Capitalize that first "word" and you have a perfect description of our situation in the Church today, on the wrong side of which Scholastic is a perfect example (anybody with any Sensus Catholicus sees what Tony sees.)

"Christ the TIGER." Get that? Not lambsie pamsie.

I must add this in all seriousness:

The "unity" of which Scholastic prates involves all participants in breaking the classic law of non-contradiction. There is, among other things, no greater manifestation of intellectual dishonesty.

Documented beyond cavil is the fact that every Pope since Vatican II has been involved in obvious contradiction of himself! My favorite example, of hundreds, is Paul VI wringing his hands and moaning about the "smoke of Satan", even as he lights the fire and works the bellows keeping the flames very much alive.

In short, and judging motives does not come into play, they all learned to be comfortable with contradiction and hypocrisy.

That's not the "school" I graduated from, friends, and there are NO exceptions makeable to the rule invoked, not even for popes.

If in doubt, ask God.