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One year

There have been many articles regarding the first anniversary of the election of Benedict XVI, most of which filled with wild assessments (which are just as inaccurate now as they were one year ago). The truth is: there is nothing much to say. One will be able to judge this first year of the Ratzinger pontificate only in a few years or, probably, only when the next conclave meets. This first year will then be seen as either an emblematic year for the whole of the pontificate or as a serene prelude to more vigorous years.

For now, the best summary I could find was what Fr. Philippe Baud, a Swiss priest in the Diocese of Lausanne, said in this report: "Many of my interlocutors acknowledge that they do not really know what he [is doing]." Now, that is a common feeling among all sincere observers! And to think that there are already books being published about the first year... A first year whose true meaning is lost to all but Pope Ratzinger himself, the only man who knows what he has in mind.

Benedicto, Summo Pontifici et universali Papæ
pax, vita et salus perpetua.


  1. I think this is very wise. It shows one of the real virtues of this blog: the desire to soberly extract what can be found in events and prognostications without spinning them into a web of excitement and rumor-mongering.

    But what if we put the question in a different way? If Benedict--God forfend!--were to die tomorrow, what would we have to say about, as he called it, "this brief pontificate?" Other than, "Would that it had gone on for many more years!" or that it had been filled with promise?

    Is the first year nothing much taken alone? Or did Benedict leave a spiritual mark which will endure despite having done little as yet in an administrative or disciplinary sense?

  2. God forbid, indeed. It is the kind of assessment I really cannot make.

  3. I hope that Benedict XVI is the Pope who will consecrate Russia "late." I hope he is the one to do it. I hope he ends up being another Boniface and hews down the tree (with the serpent in it) right in front of the whole world.

    From what I read here and there around the world he is facing significant obstruction: Fair enough. I hope that whether this obstruction is from Sodano et al or the NeoCats or the pervert-protectors in the US &c. the Holy Father is taking stock of the resistance as he "probes the wire" and he will, eventually, once he has his men in place, carry-out a charitable night of the long knives. I hope therefore, that what he is doing is taking names in anticipation of kicking butt.

    I hope.

    The approach of the Abbe de Nantes toward Benedict XVI helps me as does that of the men who have given us Rorate.

    Charity subsists in truth.

  4. Hi simon-peter!! Nice to see someone who likes the Abbè de Nantes approach!! I myself find him very interesting, and was just thinking how very refreshing and forward looking he is while at the same time remaining traditional (something I find lacking in many a SSPXer).

    I read many of his luminous insights into the Council, the new Mass, etc., but also think he could be a little more thorough (more thomist? in this SSPX has an advantage over him, but all in all I like his spirit better)in his analisys of things like religious liberty et al., in which he may be too hasty to condemn.

    Anyway, just happy to share these thoughts, and my joy at the Pope´s first year of reigning...

  5. Just on the topic of the consacration of Russia, I would like to point out that Pope Pius XII was the first to do it, and the consacration is formally recorded in his Apostolic Letter Sacro Vergente Anno.

  6. Little pigs' wings just turn into bigger pigs' wings (nevertheless, the pigs don't fly.)

    Leopards spots grow bigger, but they don't change.

    This "new kid" on the block has been around for circa seventy years and, by his own admission, he hasn't changed.

    It's a weird time to start whistling past the tombstone that is the modern Church (see St. Alfonse Liguori).

    One is obliged to ask (read: scream) what has happened to iota unum when it comes to doctrine? !!!

    The full story of the pontificate of Benedict XVI was told in 1962. Cardinal Frings helped him write it. As Casey Stengel said: "You could look it up." And as I say, those among you who think you are Catholics, had better.

    Of course there will be changes. Utterly meaningless changes. Rome is completely anti-Christ (please note the spelling here.)

    A well-informed French cleric made the statement not long ago that NOTHING can take place in the Vatican without the permission of the Masonic Order. That "NOTHING" included popes. Although it may exist, I have yet to come across any contradiction of said declaration.

    Dorothy Sayers wrote a book titled THE DOGMA IS THE DRAMA. All this is about dogma. I hate to paraphrase a piece of slime like Pete Seeger but "when will you ever learn, when will you ever learn."

    Meanwhile, Prof. Basto thinks he has a scoop. I won't be the one to disabuse him - I don't step on duck's feet or kick puppies. Don't look now, but that makes the Mother of God into a liar and a lot of people real nut cases. Wojtyla was evil, but he wasn't crazy.

    Where has Sacro Vergente Anno been all our lives.

    I have a book that will teach the Professor how to make a dandy paper airplane out of his documentary discovery.

  7. Professor Antipasto

    you are either ignorant, or a liar spreading disinformation, which is it?


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