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This very day, Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, exactly 30 years ago, for the first time in more than two centuries, a Pope publicly rebuked a prelate by name: Marcel Lefebvre (Speech of Pope Paul VI in the Secret Consistory of May 24, 1976). In this famous speech, Paul VI made his mind clear: "The new Ordo was promulgated in order to replace the old one".


Tony La Rosa said...

Pope Paul VI didn't have the authority to claim that the Novus Ordo replaced the Traditional Mass. This is proven by his lack of binding the Catholic conscience to the Novus Ordo.

AmemusAthanasium said...

And St. Paul (Abp. Lefebvre) rebuked and resisted St. Peter (Paul VI) in the face.

Here is what Mr Michael Davies, long standing author, teacher and acquantaince of the former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, has to say on this scandalous speech by Paul VI, inspired by the vile lies spread by Cardinals Villot, Benelli and others on what the Archbishop taught and thought. (After the audience granted to Lefebvre in 1977 Paul VI took back some of his anti-Lefebvre gas and admitted he had received the false information.)

Michael Davies' Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre

And no one less than Pope Ratzinger in August, 2005, called Lefebvre "this great man of the universal Catholic Church", "the honourable Archbishop" at the audience with Rev. Schmidberg and Most Rev. Bernard Fellay SSPX.

AmemusAthanasium said...

Of course Paul VI did not abolish the Old Mass, nor did he replace all Latin rites with the Novus Ordo Missae. Nonsense! Paul VI was merely polemizing and being angry to block Tradition from working.

Only five years before his speech, he told these things:

>>In April I had a conversation with Fr. Jean Marie Charles-Roux, 90, one of the priests who celebrated Mass for Mel Gibson in Rome during the filming of The Passion of the Christ. Charles-Roux was ordained in the 1950's. He knew Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI personally, In 1971, after celebrating the new Mass for about 18 months, he asked Paul VI to receive him at Castel Gandolfo. Paul agreed. Charles-Roux said to Paul: "For 18 months I have celebrated the new Mass, but I cannot continue. I was ordained to celebrate the old Mass, and I want to return to it. Will you permit me to do so?" And Paul said: "Certainly, I never forbade celebration of the old Mass; I have only offered an alternative." <<

Go and ask Fr. Charles-Roux. And Cardinal Stickler, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, Cardinal Medina Estevez and all those other prelates who know the Tridentine Mass was never abolished, nor was it obrogated, as a Cardinals' Commission concluded in 1986! Or are all these prelates liars? Sure, Paul VI might - by 1976 - have wanted to obrogate the Old Mass, because he hated Abp. Lefebvre and his saintly priests using this Missal and not accepting all kinds of liberalism demanded by Villot (like state abandoning Catholicism as official religion).

New Catholic said...

The findings of such commission have never been published.