Rorate Caeli

Sepe in Naples. Dias at Propaganda.

As rumors indicated (we had mentioned it here before), Cardinal Dias of Bombay was named succesor to Cardinal Sepe, who has been moved from the always-powerful Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples (the old Propaganda Fide) to the see of Naples.


  1. This is an excellent move. For the background, see

  2. Benedict XVI isn´t so "fashion", but it´s making work into the church

  3. Tons of info over at my site...

  4. I really cannot believe some of you are in fact praising this move! Cardinal Dias is a known syncretist, inculturator and not at all an orthodox Roman Catholic prelate as the media claim he is. He participated in syncretistic conferences, lit candles to idols, supported hinduizing. Is that the future you guys want for the Church in the Third World?

  5. cardinal Dias, to use understatement, does not like TLM and Tradition. He seems very fond of what "Dominus Iesus" declaration inspired by the regretted late cardinal Ratzinger was ... condemning. "this is an excellent move"? Asian syncretist theologies, once condemned by the same prefect re T. Balasuriya, will become the new "authentic" (?) magisterium ... which is not only a dagger rightly tearing apart our Lord Jesus Sacred Heart but a negation of Vatican II and Tradition altogether. An excellent move really ??? for whom ?


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