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Will Dias propagate the Faith?

Ivan Cardinal Dias, Archbishop of Bombay, may "very likely" be the next Prefect of Propaganda Fide (Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples), Il Foglio reports, as a replacement of Cardinal Sepe, who, for the past couple of weeks, has been considered the most probable future Archbishop of Naples.

In its Thursday edition, L'Indipendente recognized the Dias trend, which has been confirmed by Il Foglio today. (Dias was mentioned twice by us in the past few days- here and here).

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AmemusAthanasium said...

Dias is a syncretist, who took part in many syncretist and non-Catholic conferences attacking the dogma of Outside the Church No Salvation. In the concept of inculturation, he promoted pagan idols and rituals to be inserted into the Roman Catholic Latin rite Mass, or what is left of that in the Novus Ordo world of Indian dioceses.

He even lit candles in front of a pagan idol himself!

To appoint Cardinal Dias would be a very, very, very disappointing gesture by Benedict XVI and show, that there is no return to "pre-conciliar" common sense and normal Roman Catholicism at all. Then it only will get worse!